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They say a well-informed person has the edge over one less-informed. This is not only about erudition but also experience-based opportunities. An informed person can make better decisions, both for himself and for others. Not for nothing does our time see information as power.


Imagine you have the best-performing computer in the world, connected to the globe through the internet. If you don’t know how to use it, this electronic brain is just an ornament in your room. But if you are knowledgeable in the digital area, the world becomes a small ┬áplace for you.


Like many of us, I did not always understand the power of information. Being raised in a small town, I imagined my life as a continuous present. Moving to a large city, I soon learned that the more capable of interaction you are, the more successful you become: that is to say, you must be able to change and quickly adapt yourself to the New. Human interactions involve answering unexpected demands, which requires creativity.


So I discovered that creativity is not necessarily something innate, but more like a skill that you can learn. It is the art of linking together things that you have learned in the past, and combining this art with the experience of applying it to the actual situation. Yes, you do need to learn new things, and you do need to develop your flair in order to be creative. In our time, creativity is almost a way of being.


Life-Enhancing Ideas endeavors to offer what its name conveys: ideas. Translated into practical everyday language, this means opportunities. Knowing new things opens up paths, which can be enriching when following the direction in which Life pushes you. Let’s embark on a journey towards creativity!



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