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Advantages and Disadvantages of Niche Marketing

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Marketing products nowadays can be very difficult, considering the huge amounts of competition you face from other companies selling the same products. This is where niche marketing comes in. But what is niche marketing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of niche marketing? It can be used effectively but you first need to understand what …

What Is an Affiliate Marketing Business Model?

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You have heard of affiliate marketing before; but what is an affiliate marketing business model? Affiliate marketing is a way of generating income by promoting another person’s business or products, (or a business’ products) and receiving a small portion of the sale (commission). There is some form of cooperations between either 3 or 4 participants …

Project Management Questions

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In the past, people used to work a long time in the same environment, keeping their jobs and doing the same things until they retired. This is no longer possible in the present world. The nature of the contemporary social and economic environment constrains companies to change at a very rapid pace. This change has …