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Computer science is concerned with processes related to computational thinking and problem-solving abilities. It involves the study of computers, computer systems, and computer-related technology. It consists of both hardware and software. It covers areas such as artificial intelligence (A.I.), operating system, and programming such as Python and C++. Computer science is believed to have a large scope in the future. Individuals must undertake an online university computer science degree as it is extremely beneficial in the near future. 

These degree programs allow individuals to specialize in a large variety of programs and domains. As of 2022, programming-related jobs are expected to rise by 8%. This opens doors to a wide range of jobs in the market in unlimited fields, including business, healthcare, and technology. It is believed that around 530,000 new job openings will be available in the next 10 years after 2019. 

Online computer science degree programs come with many benefits. Their assignments, labs and, exams are conducted online, hence, eradicating the need of going to a campus physically. Therefore, students can easily juggle other tasks efficiently and conveniently.

Advantages of Pursuing an Online University Computer Science Degree

There are many pros associated with majoring in a computer science degree program online. They are stated as follows:

Open to a Vast Audience: Any individual can pursue an online university computer science degree, particularly those who have an avid interest in the domain. It is especially useful for people who possess strong analytical, detail-oriented, creative problem-solving, and communication skills.

Provides the Necessary Preparation for Future High-end Careers: Ideally, online computer science degrees prepare their students with all the necessary skill sets (hard and soft skills), and qualifications necessary for future high-wage computer science-related jobs. 

The jobs could require a candidate with a range of skill sets such as an analyst, programmer, cyber security, software developer, and database administrator. 

Steep Rise in Software and Technology-Related Jobs: The estimated increase in computer-related jobs is said to have an 11% growth. In order to stand in a demanding position in the future job market, computer science degree holders need to continue their education, workshops, certifications, and boot camps in order to stay up to date regarding technology.

Allows Students to Narrow Down the Field for Specialization: Computer science is an extremely vast field. Students can, therefore, explore and find the best subfield areas that suit their interests and utilizes their skills. Many electives are offered online that aid students in identifying their strengths and narrow down to an ideal career path in the future.

Stable Job in the Future: Computer science-related jobs are extremely lucrative. The average salary is estimated to exceed $70,000. Additionally, the annual wage for any computer-related job is noted to be $91,250.

Flexibility of Online University Computer Science Degree: Students with multiple obligations can take advantage of the flexible timings provided by the online university science degree courses. They have the advantage of learning the same material and coursework as students attending the same on-campus programs.

Degree Levels Offered Online

There are multiple degrees offered in an online university computer science degree program offered by multiple universities. They are stated as under:

Associate’s Degree in Computer Science

These degree programs provide foundation-level education. These programs last for two years. They provide education in programming, data structure, algorithms, and security operations, amongst many others. The fundamental education achieved helps students attain advanced training and specialization in the future. Students with an associate’s degree can achieve jobs in the fields such as web development, computer programming, and digital designing.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

A bachelor’s degree lasts for four years. They cover foundation-laying subjects provided in an associate’s degree along with more detailed courses such as machine learning and operating systems. Students in this degree program can seek jobs such as software developer, information security analysis, and many more. They can additionally apply for a master’s degree later on as well.

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

This degree lasts for two years. It involves research and academic courses to pursue a doctorate in the field. It covers advanced topics such as data mining, cyber security, cyber-attacks, algorithms, application development, data analysis, etc. It also includes specializations in artificial intelligence, game design, computer-human interface, and software engineering and theory. The students are then equipped to pursue jobs such as computer and information research scientist, information systems manager, and software developer.

Doctoral Degree in Computer Science

This online university computer science degree is very flexible. It can last anywhere from 4 to 7 years. They specialize in theoretical computer science, computer graphics, virtual reality, biocomputation, as well as interactive multimedia. In addition to attaining careers similar to those of master’s students, they can additionally seek jobs as a professor, computer and information research scientist, and computer and information systems manager.

Five Universities Offering Online Computer Science Degrees

For the year 2019-2020, the cost of the online university computer science degree programs was estimated to be $17,125. Following is the definitive ranking of the best universities offering online science degree programs. The list was made by taking accreditation, programming excellence, and reputation into account.

1. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

Location: Manchester, NH

Graduation Rate: 54%

Receiving Loans: 68%

Online Enrollment: 93%

It was established in 1932. It offers more than 200 online programs, including an online bachelor computer science degree program which covers courses in server, software engineering, data analysis, full-stack development, STEM project management, and information security. Their online university computer science degree programs are of 120 credit hours. Students can enroll at any time and in any term or semester. The online courses have 6 eight week sessions. It gives students a chance to achieve 90 transfer credits. Additional credit is also employed to students possessing industry certifications.

2. Davenport University (D.U.)

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Graduation Rate: 45%

Receiving Loans: 59%

Online Enrollment: 73%

The university was established in 1999. It enrolls around 3,000 students. It offers 60 academic programs on 10 Michigan campuses. It also provides online classes. Their online university computer science degree is of 120 credit hours. 

The university is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Students have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as computer theory, artificial intelligence (A.I.), computer algorithms, gaming, and simulations. Online learners, in particular, can opt for two specialization areas, namely: artificial intelligence or computer theory and algorithms. 

Students can also receive a full scholarship through programs in collaboration with the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

All the computer science programs are available online, with the exception of gaming, as it requires training in the gaming lab located on the university campus. The classes can last for 7, 10, or 15 weeks for the spring, fall, and summer semesters, respectively.

3. Oregon State University

Location: Corvallis, OR

Graduation Rate: 67%

Receiving Loans: 43%

Online Enrollment: 43%

Oregon State University’s online university computer science degree has been available since 1910. It provides 200 undergraduate as well as graduate programs. 

Their computer science course is of 180 credit hours. It includes courses in cryptography, web development, and three-term engineering design capstone. Additionally, it offers applied computer sciences courses with an emphasis on security, and students can add along with a minor or a certificate to their studies as well. Students can apply and start at any time. Their requirement for admission is a student with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants can also provide a transcript for consideration. However, ACT and SAT scores are not mandatory. It is regionally accredited by The Northwest Commission.

4. Regis University

Location: Denver, CO

Graduation Rate: 69%

Receiving Loans: 47%

Online Enrollment: 63%

Regis University has launched one of the earliest online programs and has grown to provide more than 70 online programs for undergraduate students. 7,000 are enrolled annually. Their programs are fully online (unless the students opt for an internship). 

The computer science degree program has 120 credit hours. Regarding a computer science degree, the courses provided cover data networks, system security, and advanced UNIX. 

Classes are held in eight-week sessions. Students can choose any of the 6 starting date options available. Accelerated programs are also available in which students can earn both a computer science bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree online. 

During admission, the applicant must provide a transcript, resume, and an application essay. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

5. The University of Illinois at Springfield

Location: Springfield, IL

Graduation Rate: 51%

Receiving Loans: 46%

Online Enrollment: 68%

The University of Illinois was founded in 1969. 4,500 students are enrolled each year. It offers 50 plus online courses. As far as the online computer science degree program is concerned, it is of 120 credit hours. 

The courses covered are system security and software engineering. Each has seven compulsory courses and a capstone. These online courses are available during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. 

The majority of the classes are asynchronous, although some are synchronous as well. The minimum GPA requirement for enrollment is 2.0. The applicant must have prior knowledge about JAVA programming and mathematics. It is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Top Universities Offering Computer Science Degrees in General

As far as universities offering computer science, in general, are concerned, below is the ranking by U.S. News based on research performance:

1. Stanford University: It is located in the United States and stands at number 1 as the best university for computer science. It ranks number 3 as the best global university.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: It is also located in the United States and stands at number 2 as the best university for Computer Science. It also ranks second in the best global universities.

3. Carnegie Mellon University: It is located in Pittsburgh in the United States. It ranks third in the list of the best university for computer science. It ranks at 94 as the best global university.

4. Tsinghua University: It is located in Beijing, China. It ranks number 4 as the best university for computer science. It also ranks at #28 in the list of the best global universities.

5. University of California: It is located in Berkeley in the United States. It ranks 5th as the best university for computer science and ranks 4th as the best global university.

Additional Bonus

Coursera is a famous online platform that offers a very wide range of online courses in all fields, including computer science. It gives individuals a chance to attain computer science degrees and courses from a wide range of universities. Various online computer science degrees provided by Coursera in collaboration with top universities are stated below:

  • Master of Computer and Information Technology by Penn Engineering (#8 Best National University)
  • Master of Computer Science by Arizona State University (#1 most innovative university in the U.S.)
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering by University of Colorado Boulder (#5 in Best Online Masters in Electrical Engineering Programs) 
  • Master of Computer Science by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (#5 in C.S. Graduate Programs in the U.S.)
  • Master of Computer Vision by HSE University (#1, Universities for the Future Elite)

The Final Analysis

In this rapidly growing society where technology is upgrading and being utilized at an extremely fast rate, the need for computer science graduates is inevitably prominent. The number of computer science-related jobs is expected to increase rapidly, according to various research. 

Students can now take advantage of this information and enroll themselves in computer science degree courses and programs available online. The benefits associated with an online university computer science degree cannot be overlooked. 

Numerous online courses are available for securing a computer science degree. Appling and learning from it can be extremely beneficial as discussed in this article. 

All kinds of degrees, varying from bachelor to master, is available. Hence, individuals with a keen interest in computer science must take advantage of these opportunities to secure a successful future in the job market.

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