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Over the years, eBay has evolved from a small platform where a few people met and traded collectibles to a vast online market place that now involves millions of buyers and sellers, with a turnover of a few billion dollars annually. This makes eBay a perfect place to trade and buy items for entrepreneurs and business-minded people. One of the factors that make eBay stand out is the sheer amount of items available. From pocket knives to old newspapers and magazines, to World War II memorabilia; you will find virtually almost everything legal under the sun. eBay tutorials for beginners come in handy when you decide, with no experience, to trade on this massive market place to attract buyers. It can get complicated for a beginner. Here are a few pointers to guide you on your trading journey.

Setting up the Right Account

There are two types of accounts on eBay; a personal and business account. Setting up either one of them depends on the volumes you are prepared to trade. For small quantities, a personal account will be sufficient. While for larger quantities, the latter is ideal. For a beginner though, it is always advisable to take baby steps by starting small and growing as you learn and gain the much-needed experience to navigate the eBay waters.

Learning How to Get Your Pricing Right

The price of an item is the first thing that attracts or puts off potential customers on eBay. An eBay tutorial can guide you on how to pick a fair price, to avoid over-pricing and under-pricing. Most beginners selling on eBay mostly get the pricing wrong by looking at retail prices or valuing an item by what they forked out for it. On eBay, prices are on a whole new dimension, and most things are worth what a potential buyer is willing to pay.

To be on the safe side, and to avoid disappointment, check up previous sales of similar items on eBay, to give you a comprehensive price guide on how much to sell your item.

Identifying the Best Things to Sell

This can be a daunting task considering that an average home has thousands of items that are not in use. Surprisingly on eBay, those items that you may think are of no value could be extremely valuable in this online market place. This can include things like empty perfume bottles, lids for pots and pans, empty printer cartridges among many others. Almost anything sells on eBay.

Attaining a Good Feedback Score

Buyers and sellers on eBay get feedback scores with each transaction. This helps in getting trading confidence and building trust from buyer and sellers. It is challenging to engage in any meaningful trade with a low feedback score. A minimum score of 20 is favorable for a beginner to start trading comfortably. An eBay tutorial teaches you how to attain the minimum feedback score so that you can begin doing business on eBay.

Selling Safely on eBay

Like all online marketplaces, there is the bad and the ugly. Sadly, people who are up to no good can also be found on eBay, ready to con unsuspecting buyers and sellers. To avoid being a victim, it is always advisable to start trading with items costing less than $50. Avoid high-end items like designer clothes, laptops, mobile phones, and expensive jewelry, until you are well-established and are aware of all the ropes.

Designer items are especially sensitive especially in a case where an item turns out to be a fake. This leads to immediate suspension from eBay. When you enroll for an eBay tutorial, you can learn more ways to protect yourself and trade safely on eBay.

Udemy eBay Tutorials

Among the many online courses on offer at Udemy, are eBay tutorials which guide on the A to Z of making the most of the largest online marketplace. The tutorials cover issues like how and where to begin trading, dealing with bulk sales, how to attract customers and also how to make good profits on eBay.

The tutorials are conducted by experienced tutors who have years of experience when it comes to trading on eBay, and who have helped thousands reach their full potential on the platform.

Here are some of the interesting eBay tutorials you will find on Udemy:

The Complete eBay Course: eBay from Beginner to Advanced

The tutorial covers how to sell your preferred items on eBay quickly and how to slowly graduate from a small-time entrepreneur to have an established business. The Complete eBay Course also guides you on the right way to go about pricing your items and achieving maximum sales by moving good volumes and making a profit.

Get invaluable eye-opening hacks and tricks in addition to trading secrets straight from experienced sellers on eBay, who started small and now have established full-time business ventures.

The tutorials are boosted by interesting learning materials which include articles, hours of video tutorials, downloadable items and certification once you have completed the course.

Enrolling is simple, and all that is required from you to have is a computer/laptop, an internet connection a passion for selling, and the interest to learn. From there let Udemy’s eBay from beginner to an advanced tutorial, do the rest. The course is available in English.

Jack’s eBay Dropshipping Retail Arbitrage Companion Course

Selling on eBay works hand in hand with shipping, and that is where this drop shipping course comes in. The course teaches on excellent customer care practices that will grow your business by getting you favorable reviews and referrals.

Since eBay sets trade limits especially for beginners, the course looks at ways you can increase those limits, therefore, being able to conduct more business. The course also gives you hands-on experience by availing footage of 1000 Jack’s sales from his eBay shipping ventures.

The goal of any business venture is to make it profitable, and this tutorial takes an in-depth look at how you can achieve that through the use of gift cards, sales tax exemptions and cash backs.

Sometimes your stock may run out, and there are ways to deal with such an eventuality. Learn this and much more from this course at Udemy, and watch your eBay business grow.

2018 eBay Business: Powerseller Selling Secrets, SEO, Hacks

Selling your items on eBay and making a profit does not require prior experience as an entrepreneur, thanks to this tutorial by Udemy. The course helps you to come up with a workable strategy based on the expertise of leading sellers on eBay. The tutorial also shows you how you can make it big with limited resources and generate a decent income with prospects of turning your trade into a full-time venture.

From learning how to create attractive listings to identifying the most profitable items to sell and sourcing them cheaply, this tutorial is an excellent asset for any beginner on eBay. Growth is vital in business, and you can learn how to achieve that through this course, and how to remain at the top of your selling game. The 32 lectures available on the tutorial cover the introduction and basics to how to market your items and make sales.

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eBay Selling on eBay: How to Start an eBay Business on eBay

Understanding how eBay works and what is required of you as a seller is the best starting point for the trading platform to work for you. Once that is learned, the knowledge can then help you as a seller to make profits on eBay. The top sellers on eBay did not make it out of luck but through consistency, building trust and hard work.

Courtesy of this course you will learn how sellers, with over ten years of experience, came to make it on eBay. Including the hurdles and challenges that they came across and how they were able to overcome them. Get to know what makes them tick by learning their tried and tested strategies on top selling.

With an excellent support system which includes free downloadable worksheets, a 24-hour response for any queries and a free e-book with valuable information from a top seller on eBay, this course will add immense value to any beginner.

2019 New eBay Business: Buy Branded Products Below Wholesale

Getting stock for your eBay business determines your level of success. The 2019 New eBay Business teaches you how to source for branded items at much lower costs than wholesale or manufacturer prices, thus opening up doors to higher profit margins. This also allows you to beat the competition of similar items on eBay.

Once you have established a successful business on eBay, learn how you can sell it for thousands of dollars, start a new one, develop it, and sell it again. It is all about learning how to make a profit in this tutorial.

The course has a total of 48 lectures and takes you through the introduction to helping you choose the right business model for your venture.

Buying and selling never grow old, and there will always be a demand for products on online platforms. It is a sustainable and profitable business, and, when done right, it can change the quality of your life for the better. Enroll today for an eBay tutorial for beginners and become a top seller earning 6-8 figures.

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  • In today’s world of rapid information passage, you are only as good as what you know. Selling on eBay could be fun and rewarding especially when you have such items just laying around for years. However, it is important to be highly educated to ensure you take the right decisions. It’s no secret that udemy us the number one marketplace for online courses. I believe any eBay seller would find this udemy eBay tutorial helpful.

  • Ebay was on my shortlist when I was planning on venturing into the word of online Business but there was a slight setback, but seeing this post is giving me second thoughts of revisiting the platform. The step by step process indicated in this post is very easy to comprehend and it shouldn’t be anything turgid to understand. I always think getting your pricing and knowing what to sell are the two big ingredients of making a successful reign on eBay. Get this two right and you’re set. Nice post, very explanatory, nice write up, very much appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.These are really great Tutorials about eBay.Thank you so much for sharing these eBay Tutorials with us. After reading your article, I learned how to start an eBay business.Your information will benefit me a lot.I will share this article with my friends.Thanks again for sharing this informative article.

  • Lots of great recommendations that you have included for eBay tutorials for beginners. We have dabbled with selling online via eBay and it is a great platform if you know how to use it. There are a lot of tips and ideas I have received from other online marketers, but if you have no idea, it is best to take some of these courses.

    Doing so will save you wasted time, money, and work when things do not work out as you may have envisioned. Taking the time to get some knowledge starting out can help you get started properly and avoid mistakes. It will also give you new ideas on how and what you want to sell on eBay.

    Of the many courses you have listed, if I could only recommend two, it would be the 2019 New eBay Business course and the Complete eBay Course: eBay from Beginner to Advanced. With the second course you get a complete overview, and if you do have some knowledge, you can skip what you know. The first course could be taken after and get you up to speed on what is working now.

    This is an excellent, straightforward post that will help anyone that wants to get involved with online marketing through eBay. It will help people a lot, and thanks for being so thorough! I have bookmarked the post, as I sometimes get questions from people, and I will send them here!

  • This is a superb explanation about how to learn selling on eBay. I have experience with selling on eBay, so I find this post – written by Ernst – to be extremely valuable. The reason I say this is that I tried to sell products on eBay, but had little success.Ernst covers all the topics I had trouble overcoming: correct pricing, product description, finding the right suppliers and so on.He tells his readers that there are two types of models to use. One is personal use and the other is business. He breaks down both so the reader can choose which course to learn from. Oh, I forgot to mention that Ernst recommends courses given by experts through a company called Udemy.Years ago, I paid $1000 for a course to learn to sell on eBay. I think I received five half – hour, one on one phone conversations with my instructor. I had to choose an item from my home, write a description of it and post it on eBay. I did as I was instructed, but my item ( roller skates ) didn’t sell. I paid a drop shipping company $200 a year to buy products from them to sell on eBay. I was supposed to buy at wholesale rates, but someone always had a lower price than I did. The company built a website for me, but I was limited in what I could do with it.While I was reading the information that Ernst provided, I couldn’t help but think how valuable such courses – personal and business – would have been for me. For example, he tells his readers who are new to selling on eBay to start out with inexpensive products. As they get more experienced, they can try more expensive products, and eventually, do it as a business.I have used Udemy instructors in the past, and they are very knowledgeable. I was blown away when I read a brief bio of one of the business instructors. He claims that he makes $360,000/month!! And he’s 23 years old! He tells how to use Asian suppliers for better than wholesale prices. The price for this valuable course is about $15.I wish Ernst, or someone like him, was available when I tried selling on eBay. I know for a fact that I would have benefited greatly from such valuable information. Not just in knowledge, but in what I would have saved ($$). I give this post 5 stars because of what I learned about what I didn’t know before, and for its accuracy.

    • Hi Chuck. Thank you very much for your appreciation. I am happy and grateful that you found my article helpful for beginners on eBay, especially because you already have experience with this website. As you say, the internet is full of opportunities, but you always need a sort of initiation, otherwise, you can get lost easily.

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