Everything You Need to Know Before Taking an ACT Practice Test Online

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You are maybe planning to go to college and take a course of your dream career. It’s not a smooth ride through college, but if you made it through high school, the chances are that you will manage through college. However, before being admitted into a college, you are supposed to do an entrance exam known as the ACT. It helps to evaluate your readiness for college. You can take an ACT Practice Test online, but there are many things you should know before taking the test.

What’s the ACT?

Being admitted into a higher learning institution is an act already, but we need to know what the other “ACT” is. It’s an achievement test which determines the level of knowledge a student has. They can be tested in a variety of subjects such as English, Science, and Mathematics.

The ACT helps the institution to understand whether students are familiar with those topics, and their ability to answer questions according to their knowledge.

The Format

The ACT test comprises five separate sections which include English, Math, Science, Writing, and Reading Comprehensions. The writing section is optional though.

An ACT test has 215 multiple choice questions excluding the optional writing prompt. Most of the Acts start at 8 AM and end at 1 PM. Students are allowed to take short breaks during the process.

How You Get Your Score

The highest score is 36, and the score is determined through awarding correctly answered questions. There are points deducted from wrong answers. Each section is graded alone, and then the scores are merged and averaged to give one score.

That final score is what the college admission boards will depend on to measure your skills.

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Some Quick Facts About the ACT

1. It was Intended to Be a Placement and an Admission Test

When the ACT was designed, it was meant to compete against the SAT by not testing potential but real knowledge. Since it was meant to show what students were knowledgeable about, the founder wanted it to be used for both placement and admissions.

It never came to be a reality, but some community colleges embraced it. However, the ACT’s testing approach has influenced most colleges to switch from SAT.

2. Cheating on ACT Can Get You Arrested

In 2011, some college students were caught taking the ACT for other students, and they were charged in a New York court. Luckily for them, they were never jailed.

There is also another reported case of teachers helping their students solve some difficult questions in a Kentucky school, and they got to see the men in blue. Such scandals are the reason you can’t take ACT admission tickets without including a photo.

3. The ACT is More Popular than the SAT

The SAT was unveiled to the world years before the ACT appeared. But the latter’s popularity has surpassed the former and continues to be more popular every year.

The SAT and the ACT are a bit different. Each of them has a different approach to math questions, the SAT doesn’t have a science section, and both have a writing prompt.

4. You Can’t Complete the ACT from Your Home

The ACT is an online exam, but it is available on specific computers located within schools where you can be monitored while doing the exams. We just mentioned that people cheat when they have the opportunity.

That means, you can only use your home computer to study and prepare, but you can’t do your ACT from there. Sorry!

5. The First States To Request all Juniors to Take the ACT were Illinois and Colorado

If you live in Colorado or Illinois, you will most likely take the ACT if you are planning to go to college. Currently, most states require you to take the test, but the first ones to make it mandatory were Illinois and Colorado.

Later on, Illinois decided to take the weight of the shoulders of the juniors by allowing districts to opt out of the test. So, it’s no longer compulsory.

Taking an ACT Practice Test Online at Kaptest

Kaptest.com is one of the best sites you can take the ACT practice test online. The site has helped millions of students across America prepare for over 120 tests. No wonder the site welcomes you with some dancing. It means that students are impressed and celebrating the fact that they will smash their ACTs.

The website boosts the confidence of their students by helping them feel ready for test day through prep. You will be under the guidance of teachers and experts that are familiar with the test content and strategy. Moreover, they will assist you in learning science and technology.

You aren’t the only one who believes that you can be one of the world’s greatest. The teachers will help meet and exceed both your academic and career goals. And they also encourage you. You need motivation and utmost care. Kaplan has learned from its past students and enhanced their resources. They also have mobile apps that you can use.

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Free ACT Practice

If your actual ACT is around the corner, you can check out the available questions in the site and alternatively take a shorter version of the ACT practice test which will take only 90 minutes of your time.

The site has the best pop quiz and the best way you can tell if you are ready for the ACT. You can try to solve the four questions, and you will get detailed explanations for all. By doing so, you will be preparing to handle similar questions on test day.

The free ACT practice will also allow you to tackle a new exam style on a daily basis. You will also enjoy the ACT 20-Minute Workout feature that tests you for 20 minutes to test your knowledge.

Choose Your ACT Prep

You can study under the guidance of ACT prep teachers who are readily available to answer any question that you might have. You can pick a class near you or take one online. The online one is the most recommended.

You can also request for a one-on-one with an experienced tutor, online or at home and enjoy a free prep course. Moreover, you can take and retake online prep and in-person course for the SAT, PSAT, and ACT in December of your senior year. The benefit of this is that you can move with your own pace and choose the preferred location.

Screenshot Kaplan The ACT ChannelThe ACT Channel

The channel has experienced teachers, a personalized prep, and you can get one-on-one help. It also provides live online sessions that are interactive and piloted by the best teachers in Kaplan. Students can ask for help with any questions they have and get assistance instantly.

Learning has evolved, and the ACT channel was built on years of research and some learning engineers have also invested their knowledge in it. There are many available prep options you can take.

After enrolling, you access all the sessions throughout, enjoy free and unlimited access from there henceforth. You also get full live access to tutoring and live online courses.

ACT Prep – Live Online

Although it’s online, you will be able to learn alongside students with the same goal as you in a classroom setting. Your instructor will be an expert. There are two packages for live online. There is Live Online and Live Online Plus.

Both have live online instruction for 18 hours and 14 hours long elective live instruction. The courses in the packages consist of 9 practice tests and one from ACT makers, more than 25 hours of on-demand lessons, updated online quizzes and quiz bank, and prep books for the ACT.

The Live Online Plus has extras like three hours of one-on-one coaching, SAT prep resources, and math foundations.

ACT Prep – Self-Paced

Here, you will be able to walk through the strategies with the help of the top teachers and understand the concepts you need to tackle every ACT’s topic. You will focus your prep exactly where you want it. The performance summaries you will get will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. The Kaplan progress report will help you track your improvements afterward.

There are two packages which are Self-Paced, and Live Online Essentials which have the same features, except the latter has extra.

ACT Tutoring

This package comes with private instructions that offer maximum flexibility to fulfill your needs and schedule. They have the best tutors who are caring and committed to helping their students find their best path to success.

They also offer practice tests which are eight exams that help to identify areas for improvement. The tutoring package also includes complete access to the online prep course. That tutoring package gives you the most comprehensive ACT prep. It consists of a plan that is customized only for you.

Unlimited Prep for the ACT, SAT & PSAT

Unlimited prep allows you to access classes and materials for ACT, SAT, and PSAT at any time. You can take all these prep courses in December of your senior year. You will be able to prepare for multiple tests so that you can apply for college with more options.

There are live instructions for all you need, both in person and online. You will be able to maximize your math, writing, reading, and science skills through the ACT practice test online, and you will also get access to the ACT channel for more help.

Imagine paying for an ACT, and it completely surprises you. Your dream of being accepted into a college will be harder to accomplish. Take advantage of your free time to do an ACT practice test online to equip yourself with confidence and some knowledge of how the test will be like.

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