How to Learn WordPress Online?

If you want to know how to learn WordPress online, there are many resources available. But where to begin? One of the best ways to learn something new is to try it out. Before jumping into a tutorial, start by creating a free profile on WordPress. Get comfortable with the platform by testing it out. From there, you can decide if you need to look for more resources.

Some of the resources you will come across are free while others may come at a cost. If you are looking to learn WordPress to build a website for a business, then making the investment might be worth the price. But if you are trying out the platform for recreational use, then it might be best to get started and learn to use WordPress from the inside out.

What is WordPress and how to Use it?

Essentially, WordPress is a tool that can help you to build a website. WordPress is what is known as open-source software, which means it is created and maintained by a community of contributors. From a complete beginner to a coder, anyone can use and benefit from using WordPress.

Using WordPress to build your website allows for a simple, streamlined experience, which will reduce the time and effort you will need to put into your website, so you can spend more time worrying about the content.

You do not need a degree in Computer Science to build a website on WordPress. In fact, you don’t even need any coding skills. All you need is some time and an idea. Whether you’re looking to build a business or simply giving website-building a go, this is your guide on how to learn WordPress online.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is what kind of website you want to build. WordPress is a popular platform for eCommerce stores, but you also have the option to create a blog, a resume, a portfolio, and more.

WordPress began as a blogging platform over fifteen years ago, so it certainly caters to the burgeoning blogger. Even so, anyone can build a beautiful blog through WordPress. With plugins and the ability to fine tune the details of your website, you can use your imagination to design the blog of your dreams.

Many young professionals are choosing to build their own online website to market their skills. Showing off your resume and a portfolio of your work through a website is not only impressive to employers, but also demonstrates adaptability, creativity, and initiative.

If you’re not using WordPress to make a certain type of website, it still might be worth your time. Learning how to use WordPress is actually a marketable skill nowadays, and could land you your next job. Being able to navigate WordPress could be a useful skill for marketers, social media managers, personal assistants and more.

Making the decision of what type of website you want to create, or what kind of user you are, will allow you to figure out the right templates and tools to use as you build your website. After this, you can pick a unique domain name that fits the personality of your site and purchase hosting from a web server, which serves as a sort of foundation slab from which you can build your website. Once you have that set up, you can install WordPress. One of the best benefits of using WordPress is the ability to use themes and plugins.

Themes are different templates you can install to change the look and feel of your website. Plugins are add-ons you can install on your website. These can help you to collect information, cater to your audience, and make your website easier to use for those visiting. Some plugins allow you to foster an entire community on your website through the creation of a subscription, a forum, or social media platform.

Others will increase functionality and the overall appeal of your website. Some plugins and themes are available for free while others are what is known as premium plugins, for which you will have to pay to use. If you choose to invest in a plugin, you may be able to access support from the developers, which could be useful for a business owner or more dedicated blogger.

If you are a recreational user, it might be best to avoid paying for plugins. Learning WordPress online is made easier by knowing these tools and how they function. Another important aspect of WordPress to learn is the WordPress dashboard. This tool will allow you to change up your website and add content. The dashboard is also where you will access your settings and customization to add plugins or change themes.

Advanced Learners

If you are looking to build on your skills and get into the more advanced world of website-building, WordPress is a good place to begin. Familiarizing yourself with the tools that WordPress provides will allow you to focus on content first and foremost, as it is the hallmark of a great website. Next, you can start to dig a little further. What plugins are most useful or which ones will streamline your website? What theme will appeal to the market you’re aiming your business at? From there, you can start to get into the nitty-gritty of website creation and start learning what WordPress has to offer for those looking to get the most out of the platform.

Aside from using WordPress as your main jumping-off point, you can also use other web hosts that will install WordPress to make your website easier to use. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there is also the option to put any coding skills you might have to use. If you know HTML or CSS, you can use your skills to tweak your site, including plugins and themes.

WordPress is built in PHP, a programming language. Learning PHP will allow a WordPress user to create their own plugin or theme. If you already know HTML, this could be useful in learning PHP. PHP is fairly simple but also presents enough features to interest a more advanced user. If you are looking for a way to advance your website-building skills or personalize your site, learning PHP is a quick way to do so.

Some developers have even built businesses on selling plugins and themes for WordPress. There is a demand for plugins and themes that will make the process of creating a site even easier.

Tutorials and Resources

If you want to know how to learn WordPress online, it might be useful to read through an article or tutorial. There are plenty of crash courses on WordPress offered online that you can access right away. The website Udemy has some articles that go over the basics of WordPress and how to use the platform as a beginner. WordPress itself has plenty of resources to access if you’re a self-starter. Some people might need more substance than an article on how to learn WordPress online offers. If you’re looking for more of a step-by-step tutorial, there are thousands of resources available. It would be best to glance over a few to see what exactly you need to know to build your website.

Remember that WordPress is catered to the beginning user, so it would make the most sense to get started and figure out things on the go. There’s even a plugin that includes a tutorial with videos on using WordPress and give you the tools on how to use WordPress online, using your own dashboard. Once you have a grip on the basics, you can start researching what you don’t know. Reach out to the men behind the plugin if you’re having trouble figuring out how to use it to its full potential.

Furthermore, WordPress has been around for a long time, so it has a huge community of users behind it that are constantly maintaining and updating the site. If you’re looking for access to countless resources that offer advice, look no further than the backbone of WordPress. Many users are open to giving advice to beginners if you jump on one of the channels offered by WordPress to engage with other contributors.

If you’re a more advanced user, there are channels that offer open access to users to discuss developments on the WordPress platform. Also open to WordPress users are forums and the online manual, WordPress Codex, which offers support to users, lessons, articles on how to get started, information on different aspects of WordPress and more.

Originally, WordPress’ target audience was the blogging world. Nowadays, WordPress provides the tools to build any type of website. From the simplest user to a programmer, WordPress caters to the abilities of any individual. One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that it will save you time. If you’re looking to create a website, it would be wise to get started with WordPress and start today.

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