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Many people need to learn German in order to conduct business with foreign companies, or would just like to be able to go traveling and not have a language barrier. German is not the easiest language to learn though; some people say it is downright difficult.

There are also many obstacles to learning German. Do you not have the time to learn German in a traditional classroom setting? Is studying alone just not working? Then why not learn German online now?

I believe that using the internet to learn German online is a much better option than traditional techniques. The Web is a fantastic resource for anyone with a busy schedule. There’s no need to spend all day in a classroom, or studying alone using books that are confusing and uninformative.

There is also an abundance of benefits to using cyber learning. For instance, customizing your instruction to your own needs, being able to learn when you have the time and not on a strict schedule, and being able to choose the style of learning that will get you the best results. Hopefully, this article will convince you that learning German online is the most effective, and fun, option you have.

Learning a Language Traditionally

First, let’s look at the traditional (offline) ways of learning German:


Normal language courses offered in classrooms are often overcrowded. Not being able to get one-on-one instruction is one of the main reasons people have a hard time learning a foreign language. Commuting to a school isn’t always an option.

If you rely on public transportation to get to your class, what happens if it is late, or there is nothing scheduled that will get you to your lesson? Also, with the limited amount of time we have, going to a course that is only offered on certain days and times is difficult to do.

Textbooks and Dictionaries

Sure, using written materials is a good way to help learn a language. Unfortunately, these resources are very limited in what they can teach you. It’s kind of like a doctor or nurse; they may learn the technical information from books and classes, but without hands-on experience there is no way they could properly perform at their duties.

Personal Tutors

Time-management and commuting are still an issue even with personal tutors. Not to mention, the price of teachers who work in person with a single student are usually very steep. German tutors aren’t usually easy to find either.

Online Language Learning

Now, let’s look at some of the online options you have to learn a new language.

Apps for on the go: Learn anywhere you can get online; in the car, at work, out jogging, or at a restaurant. Many free apps are out there, as well as ones that you pay for. Look and see what you find most interesting and informative.

Learn in comfort: Everyone is tired after a long day at work, especially if it was a difficult one. So slip off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and put on your p.j.s; it’s time to sit back and relax while you log onto https://www.lingoda.com/en/ and learn German online now.

Online Language Schools: Online language schools are much like taking normal courses in a classroom, except that these courses have an assortment of advantages. The most important one is that you are the one in control of your education. You choose when you study, and where from.

In addition, if you aren’t sure where to get started, then Lingoda provides an advisor that can help you. Most likely, the advisor will suggest that you take a proficiency test so that you will know what level of courses you need. This is very useful for moderate to advanced speakers, that way they won’t have to take courses they don’t need. Alternatively, you can choose to take the beginner classes as a refresher.

Online Language School

An online language school is believed to be the most effective way to learn a new language. Many benefits of learning German online not only address the major problems with traditional learning, such as time-management, but also expand on them. You can learn while on the go with language apps, or sitting comfortably at home.

Time Management, commuting, and overcrowding are all removed completely with online schools. There is no need to race from work to school so you don’t miss anything important. Online courses are much less crowded; you can even get individual courses if you like.

As for commuting, there just isn’t any; you’re able to learn wherever you like that has an internet connection. There are also materials you can download so that you can work offline as well.

Furthermore, having the ability to converse with native speaking teachers as well as other students is vital for learning a language. You will be able to make sure your pronunciation is correct. Instead of learning on your own, or in a crowded classroom, you will be able to speak one-on-one with instructors and other students.

Is Lingoda Really Better?

Using Lingoda to learn German is an efficient, time saving, and enjoyable experience. You’ll find they offer the best services at a competitive price. You will have the option of choosing from several subscription packages. The prices and features vary. Which one you choose is up to you. Look for the package that will best fill your needs.

Here are only a few of the services they have:

• Flexibility with both your time and what course or lesson needs you may have. There are schedules of course, but since it’s not a traditional school, you choose the time from a list. You aren’t restricted to anyone else’s schedule.

• Group and individual lessons (group classes are small, about 4-5 students). There is a button that is the same thing as raising your hand. Also, you have the option of only providing audio to the class in case you would rather not let others see you. So no need to look your best just to study.

• All learning materials, such as book and worksheets, are provided. It is best to download them before the lesson. Look over them so you will know what subject you will be covering during that session.

• Video conferences with native speaking and certified teachers. Lingoda makes sure they have qualified, capable instructors.

• Teacher feedback to help tell you how well you did, and what you may need to work on. You are also asked to rate your teacher after each class.

• Legitimate CEFR language certificates. These explain your language proficiency level (A1 to C2) to schools and potential employers around the world.

• Personal advisor to help you get the most out of your courses. You may contact your advisor at any time, they will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

• Many, many more features are available

With so many features, it’s not hard to understand why people think online language schools are a great resource for language students.

As I stated before, my belief is that the internet is the best option when trying to learn a language. Learning German is no exception; actually, if you are trying to learn German the internet will be the only method that will give you all of the resources you need. So go to Lingoda at https://www.lingoda.com/en/ and learn German online now!


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