Learning Coding: Kids Can Learn Too

Learning Coding: Kids Playing on ComputerThere are so many things that people could learn. One of such things is coding. When it comes to learning coding, kids can learn too. In fact, they can learn better. The world is becoming more and more digital as the day goes by. It is very advisable to let your kids follow along.

What Do I Do With These Kids

So your kids have all the spare time in the world and nothing to do with. Or maybe they are even running around, making life difficult for you, and watching too much of TV. I have the perfect idea for you: STOP THEM. Now I don’t mean you should start yelling out, “Go to your room” every minute of the day. What I mean is that you should stop them by engaging them in something productive that will not only keep them in their rooms but make them feel like they are running around the house and setting it on fire.

What you need to do is to introduce your children to coding. Coding is using specially prepared languages to structure out a working or behavioral pattern for a computer or program. This is what we think your kids should be doing and we know the right place they should start their coding adventure – Tekkie Uni.

Tekkie Uni is an online school built to specifically help you get your kids to stay in the room as they learn coding. They have a curriculum planned out to aid your kids’ smooth learning. Their vision is a very selfless one. It can be summarized in one sentence: to prepare your kids for the future.

Why Tekkie Uni?

Well, because it’s Tekkie Uni. Where else would you want to send your kid to learn coding? I will show you why it has to be absolutely Tekkie Uni.

· Seemless Transitions

Can you remember taking any long journeys as a kid? Remember that particular one you slept off and woke up the next morning on a bed somewhere? Yes, you got there without even realizing it. That’s what they can do for your kids at Tekkie Uni. Before they know it, they would be coding already

Banner with an Online Coding Course· Great Teachers in a Great Learning Environment

Tekkie Uni has teachers who understand how two basic things work: coding and kids. They are ready to attend to your kids the way they should be attended to and to teach them coding the way it ought to be taught. Also, they have many greatly inquisitive pupils just like your kids who will help to make learning as fun as comfortable as can be. So, there is nothing to worry about.

· Something for Everyone

At Tekkie Uni, they’ve got everyone covered. No matter the age of your kid, and his / her knowledge level in coding, they have something for them. If you send them to school, you can send them to Tekki Uni. The website has its courses cut out to fit in with anybody. Whatever your kids want to code about, they have it ready for them.

· How Learning Happens

At Tekkie Uni, learning happens online. The website has online classes with your kids in which they learn coding in a virtual environment. These classes happen weekly for nine months: demanding two hours from your kids. In this way, your kid would finish their classes in nine months. Every class has only 10 kids and is headed by a seasoned teacher. What’s more fun is that they can get to ask their questions and receive immediate answers. They even get to practice everything. In these online classes, your kids will

· Get to make great apps

· Code simulated 3-D robots

· Edit videos

Their Philosophy on Teaching

At Tekkie Uni, they believe that the best person to teach a human is, in fact, a human: not a robot or a computer, but a human. This is because the teachers consider that every learner needs to be inspired and encouraged. It is true that coding is fun. It is also true that it can be very challenging. This would require toughness and persistence most kids haven’t really developed. The teachers also consider that a group of kids working together can learn to help and inspire one another.

This methodology is better than having your child sit in front of a screen while some simulated voice tells him, “Press xyz… good now press w34r5g….or something”. That’s utterly boring for a kid. Learning happens better when people are together, and interaction is happening. This method is very proven. The website has already taught coding to thousands of children between the ages of 8 -18. It works, you know.

The Courses

Tekkie Uni has four courses structured to help your kids learn coding seamlessly. These courses are built to equip your kids with the knowledge and practice of coding.

Course one is a beginner’s course which focuses on app development. This course will be an opportunity for your kids to test the waters. It would be their initiation into the world of digital creativity. They are immediately introduced to coding. No time for long unnecessary theories which by the way are usually boring to kids. They will get to build apps and games for smartphones. You can check on the website for more information as well as find out the next time a beginners class will commence.

Course two is yet another beginner’s course which introduces your kids to the language of coding. Coding works with very technical mathematical principles which might be very complex but with the aid of a programming language called scratch, which is children friendly, everything goes smoothly.

With the aid of colours, scratch is able to help kids familiarize with the language of coding. As your kids are learning the language, they would be building games, videos and more. No need for prior knowledge or experience. Your kids get to understand the logic behind the coding language. You can check on the website for more information as well as find out the next time a beginners class will commence.

Course three is all about Robots. You can just simply call it Robotics. In this course, your kids will get to understand the inner workings of robots, how they function, and how to program a 3D virtual Robot. It is usually said that robots will soon become a part of everyday life. Well, your kids will be trained here to be the engineers to make that happen. You can check on the website for more information as well as find out the next time a beginners class will commence.

Banner With an YouTube Creator Course for KidsCourse four is all about You Tube. So your kids like social media? That’s good. They will be taught how to use them efficiently. They will be guided to turn this love for social media into something artistic. In this course, your kids will learn how to use social media as professionals.

This course will introduce your kids to video production. They will learn all the steps involved in creating a good video, editing it, and then posting it on YouTube. They will learn how to make use of the YouTube Tube interface and the social media generally in a productive manner. Instead of running there to see what’s going on, they would be going there to tell others what’s going on.

Why Your Kids Should Not “Not Code”

You may be wondering why you should involve your kids in coding. Well, first of all, you don’t have to keep yelling “go to your room!” Don’t you at least want that? Well, maybe you don’t. Let’s give you some more reasons

· The Digital Age

Yes. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the world has gone totally digital, and this has affected almost everything. Back then, kids play in the sand with other kids from around the block. But now, your kids play in their rooms, alone, with their phones, or gaming units which can be very addictive, yielding no true productivity in them.

Coding can solve that problem for you. How? Well, the part of the child’s brain that is engaged in digital play is also the same part that is involved in coding. For them, it would be like shifting from one game to another: a more productive one that could actually teach them something good and industrious. This will turn the mind of your kids from digital addiction to digital emancipation and creativity.

Learning Coding: Kids Playing On Tablet· The Earlier, the Better

The human mind needs time to wrap itself around any new thing it is trying to ingest. This is the norm anywhere. So what if your kids used up all of their young life ingesting coding? Think of it this way, you didn’t really consciously take out some time to teach your kids English or whatever language you speak. You just kept speaking it, and they just kept picking it. That’s because the younger the mind, the quicker it assimilates things.

Think of coding as a new language (actually it’s machine language) that your kids have to learn. They could easily pick it up now because their minds are highly receptive. And trust me, you won’t want your kid coming back from school a few years from now and telling you “mum, dad, I think I wanna learn coding”. Don’t wait, get to Tekkie Uni now!

Speaking about language learning: here you can read my review of another website that offers language courses for kids.

· All Around Brain Development

Can you remember that PTA meets where you were told to involve your kids in different kind of activities to improve their brain development? Oh yes, you do. And since then, you have to get them into one group or the other, buy one toy or the other or even make them take tests and exercises in different areas to broaden their thinking process. Well, time to throw all that away.

Coding will achieve all that in a better way and equally help you achieve more with your kids. This is because the processes involved in coding will exercise and develop every area of your child’s gray and white matter. Come on, you want all that almondy stuff for your kids.

· Sharpening the Creative Edge

Coding is all about problem-solving. And problem-solving is all about creativity. And creativity is all about… look, you already get what I am trying to say. If your kids are solving problems daily, they are getting more and more on the creative edge. And with coding, that’s almost all they would be doing.

· Building Courage and Confidence

Remember your kids running to you in excitement with some drawing paper to show you what they have done. You took a look at it and told them how beautiful it was (although it wasn’t). You made them feel successful that they did it right. That helped their confidence and encouraged them to try more.

Now you can help them with more confidence. When they succeed at different coding projects (which would certainly happen if you send them to Tekkie Uni), it would just serve as a constant boost for their morale.

· All Round Results

Coding can change the game in every area for your kids. It helps them develop a way of thinking that is useful in any area of specialty they find themselves. They can be better practically, theoretically, and evening in reasoning. This will, of course, prove helpful for them in their academic as well as future endeavors.

· Innovative Opportunities

Coding is the new relevance. Having it makes you relevant and opens you to opportunities in diverse fields of endeavor. Imagine your kid, growing up to have that relevance in almost any field of endeavour. You love your kids right? Then get them coding and not just anywhere but at Tekkie Uni.

Learning Coding: Kids in Digital Era

Expose them to all the learning you can. Coding is a world of knowledge and experience that will definitely mark out your kids in the crowd. Wherever they are, they will be forever thankful and grateful you gave them such an advantage in life. The world is becoming more and more digital. Very soon, the people who understand the digital age will have an absolute monopoly. Give your child an opportunity to make something beautiful of their lives.

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