Learning Hebrew: Kids Are Developing at a Fast Pace

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Many activities and programs do not consider kids in their schedule, but luckily, we have found a great chance at learning Hebrew. Kids can now learn how to speak, read, and write Hebrew conveniently with an online course, which includes the most exciting experiences for them.

This perfectly created animation of Israeli kids will further increase your kids’ knowledge base. They will also learn about Jewish holidays and more. At the end, nothing beats learning through the most entertaining ways.

Why Rosen School of Hebrew?

At the turn of the century, the Rosen School of Hebrew adopted the vision of Aharon Rosen, who set the pace for excellence. Since then, in union with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, they have helped several thousands of students all over the world to learn Hebrew conveniently and attain full university credits. The School has some of the best scholars, experts, and professionals as its teachers. This means they know the most appropriate way for each individual to learn.

In addition, the advanced technology used by the Rosen School of Hebrew assures you and your kids of a perfect learning environment because it breaks down geographical barriers and provides a conducive online setting.

Learning Hebrew: Kids. Banner with a Course in Hebrew for KidsUnlike many other programs, here you can rest assured that your kids are not left behind while you also can learn through live streaming sessions, webinars, forums, articles, and blog posts. Therefore, they have provided the best opportunities for your kids to grow. Rosen School of Hebrew teaches them Hebrew in different ways through colorful pictures, cartoons, and memory games.

Not only do they do their part by giving you all the tools you need, they also help you do your part by assisting you with the practice sessions, which is very crucial to understanding and perfecting the language.

Rosen School of Hebrew offers the following courses: Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, Biblical Hebrew, and Hebrew for Kids. They use the Hebrew-in-Hebrew method because of its proven effectiveness. In this method, you learn from a native expert, which confers its own advantages. Since pronunciation is a fundamental area in the language, you need a native instructor to give you the exact pronunciation. Here you can say that you have found a great place for language and culture.

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Program Features

The syllabus comprises of 30 interesting units. At the beginning, the kids will familiarize themselves with the cartoon characters that will accompany them during the whole course and learn how to introduce themselves. Some of the most important words in Hebrew like Shalom would be taught here. Finally, they will pick up how to use personal pronouns.

Lesson 2 contains all the negative forms of the phrases learned in lesson one. After this, a lot more words will be added to your kid’s vocabulary. Lesson 3 teaches how to use words such as home, class, car, etc. By the end of lesson 4, your kid will already be asking questions in Hebrew and engaging in basic conversation.

Since Hebrew is not just a language but also a family, the course contains all the family-related words in lesson 5. As no language exists in isolation, it was considered important to teach kids how to say Hello in different languages. In lesson 6, more words would be added. Next, your kid will learn the names of popular places in Israel, and distinguish between male and female noun forms. Lesson 8 teaches them how to understand and describe the address of a place. Lesson 9 helps them to construct and form new words. At the end of the first nine lessons, there would be a practice session to review everything learned.

Next, your child will learn about school-related words such as desk, school bag, chair, book, etc. Then, your kid would learn how to use these words in the next few lessons. Lesson 12 reinforces how to be polite and well-mannered by teaching how to say “Thank you.” Lesson 13 helps them understand the local currency and further expands their knowledge base on school-related words. Lesson 14 teaches how to ask questions the right way. All this while it would be emphasized how to distinguish between male and female forms. Lesson 18 teaches question words.

Learning Hebrew: Kids. Banner With a Course In Hebrew for KidsThere is a practice session at lesson 19 to consolidate what kids have learned until now. Lesson 20 teaches inflextion of the word, “to” and teaches plural forms of nouns. Lessons 21 and 22 will add a lot more new words, such as bicycle, watch, guitar, friend, boy, girl, candy, juice, football, movies, reading, and many more words that are used in everyday conversations. In addition, there will be an in-depth discussion of the male and female distinction, the children will learn more verbs, numbers, and read texts. Lesson 23 is a crowd favorite because of the fun games, practice tables for grammar, and short texts that have been included.

Lesson 24 is the first unit with male/female grammatical distribution being in plural. Lesson 25 is more or less a practice lesson. Lessons 26 and 27 introduce words like chocolate, apple, roll, break, and the associated verbs. In addition, children would learn the phrase “new immigrant.” Lesson 29 helps them with the numbers, reading the clock, indicating age, words such as Birthday and Congratulations. Finally, lesson 30 incorporates all that they have learned.

The Plan for Your Kids

In principle, lessons 1-9 help your kids identify themselves and others in Hebrew. Lessons 11-18 help them to get along in school. Lessons 20-30 involve kids socializing with one another. Thus, this program allows your children to communicate in Hebrew to a very good extent as it covers the most central areas to their learning. More so, they get to do all this from the comfort of their homes.

The course will last for one school year, and when the course has ended, your kids should have a vocabulary of over 500 words that are related to their personal needs. In addition, they will know how to read and write basic short texts and how to communicate their feelings.

Rosen School of Hebrew wants to ensure a smooth transition for your kids in this new setting. Learning Modern Hebrew has its own challenges, but with this accessible content, your kids can simply fit into the new environment, and when they become old enough, they can also undertake the fully accredited courses in Modern Hebrew and polish their skills.

Learning Hebrew: Kids. Banner With a Course In Hebrew for KidsStart Engaging Them

Did you just move into a place that requires you to speak Hebrew? On the other hand, are you a Jew who did not grow up knowing Hebrew? Do you just have a passion for the language? Whatever your reason is for making your kids learn the language, it is sure to pay off because it would be an asset.

You should reinforce speaking the language in your home. This means that the entire family is involved. There is no doubt about the amount of things that kids can pick up from their parents. Therefore, the results would be much better if you consolidate what they learn by also speaking Hebrew to them when you can, singing Hebrew songs together, watching the television, reading story books, etc. This would ensure that your kids have a smooth transition because there is no point in learning it if they have no one to converse with.

Many kids forget what they read, but they hardly forget their favorite images or cartoon characters. Therefore, they have to see these images and videos as often as they can. As all the lessons have been recorded, you can easily demand for them. In addition, the 24/7 online forum was created for any questions related to the cause that you might have, so it is best to take advantage of it, especially if you are homeschooling. Finally yet importantly, Israel has many beautiful places, which have served as areas of tourists’ attraction. Carrying the kids to see these beautiful sites is a sure way to inspire their love for the language.

Learning Hebrew. Kids Should Be a Priority

Jews value education. An argument supporting this idea is that Israel has advanced so fast in all areas despite the odds. This is because Israelis know the power of kids’ education, and that is why even terrible events such as the holocaust could not deter the nation from achieving greatness. In the same way, while this online program was not initially designed for kids, Rosen School of Hebrew included a unique opportunity for them because of how important they are in society.

Older kids and teens can require even less assistance to learn the language. Kids should be a priority, so the idea of mastering the language should come off as their own, and not yours to impose on them. One way to do this is by making sure that they have every available tool needed to explore the culture and history of Israel.

In the more orthodox schools, when kids master their reading skills, they celebrate it with a “Siddur party”, where the kids would sing and dance in front of their parents or grandparents. This is just a way of encouraging the kids to bring out the best in them. You will notice that in the program, teachers did not just jump right to the aleph-bet; rather they went straight for the spoken Hebrew, because it is much easier for kids to understand and speak first, before reading and writing.

Life Beyond Grades

There are many problems that poor grades can cause. From parental dissatisfaction to kids insecurities as seen within the formal education setting. You will find here a more effective way of learning because the kids no longer have to worry about evaluations. With a comprehensive syllabus and flexible schedule, your kids get to learn at their own pace because this course does not project grades as the primary focus.

Learning a different language confers its own advantages. More creativity, improved reasoning, self-development, cognitive skills, etc. Much more than this is when they grow up and are presented opportunities all over, just because you made sure they learned more than one language. The Israeli economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and because of its sustained relevance, the best time for your kids to learn the language is now. This way, they get to enjoy both the short-term and long-term benefits.

Testimonies and Reviews

This course has received favorable reviews evidenced by the remarks made. One client described it as a well mapped out course that makes learning enjoyable and has even had impacts on other areas of her life. Another satisfied parent referred to the course as one that could fit into any lifestyle and still come out with the best results because just when he thought he had the busiest schedule in the world, the course provided him with options. Yet another person just expressed gratitude because of how proficient she had become in the language.

The staff is confident that you will write your own testimony in a couple of months, on how you have benefitted from the learning process that is sure to leave you pleased.

Help your Child Take the Journey

Learning Hebrew is a journey and to go smoothly, one must be in a good vehicle. Despite the fact that apps are useful in learning Hebrew, they lack the interactive sessions that you find in this course. Various reasons have been considered why you and your kids should learn the language, and thus, one of the best programs for you has been created for you. The program’s features were inspired by experienced teachers, who also highlighted what to expect from each lesson.

To register for the course, all you need to do is fill in your kids’ details. The user-friendly interface makes it very easy for you to follow the directions.

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