Million Formula Website Review

Millionformula is an online earning website. The first and only business of its type, Millionformula gives you the opportunity to earn money by doing what you already do every day without being paid. It gives you the opportunity to make money while doing what you enjoy most—using social media.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media extensively every day. However, relatively few individuals have the opportunity to profit financially from it.

This website claims that you may now use it to perform everything you typically do on social networking platforms while earning money. It will transfer this money right to your bank or PayPal account.

Why is MillionFormula a legitimate company?

When it comes to buying, selling, and making money through services like YouTube views, likes, comments, subscribers, Twitter services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, Instagram services, Facebook services, and more, there is a very fine line between legal, moral, and ethical and illegal, immoral, and unethical. However, MillionFormula continues to be a highly moral business that operates inside the law.


In contrast to other businesses, Million Formula does not support spamming. The issue of spamming always comes up when things like social media likes, comments, followers/subscribers, and retweets are purchased with money. With their business strategy, MillionFormula has taken extra precautions to ensure that this never occurs.

No user is permitted to watch, like, comment, follow, subscribe, or do anything else on MillionFormula services more than once. There are other methods they use to stop spam. Additionally, they employ a variety of strategies and terms and conditions to stop users from engaging in these actions.


Their systems are made to track each user’s activities on their platforms and make sure they aren’t engaging in the same activities frequently in an effort to increase their earnings from those activities.

To avoid disguised recurrence, they keep an eye on the activity of every account as well as their IP address. Suppose one person left 20 comments on the same video. Once you leave a comment, their computers instantly erase the video.


Million Formula ensures that those taking part in the site’s numerous activities utilize their actual, live social media accounts. They have a team of employees at MillionFormula who monitor the kind of accounts users are using on MillionFormula since they are aware that some people may try to use false or inactive social media accounts.


They have taken steps to ensure that their services on Million Formula cannot be artificially automated. On their platform, they have made it impossible for a computer program to be used to mimic the activities of a human.


The majority of countries may visit this website. They have made IP addresses from all around the world accessible.


Users are not permitted to open more than one million Formula accounts. Additionally, MillionFormula does not let users have numerous social network profiles. Consider it in this manner. If you want 200 YouTube likes, someone with 15 accounts will go in and leave likes on each one. That would be against YouTube regulations, in addition to being harmful to you.


This is their own guideline, which ensures that users engage with your material. They make sure that users have to view your video in order to like or comment on it.  NO SHORT IRRELEVANT COMMENTS. It ensures that people only post pertinent comments that reflect the substance of your article or video, and are sufficiently long, not just one or two words.


No click farm of any kind is owned, run, or connected in any way by Million Formula. They adhere to the rules and guidelines set out by the many social media sites they operate with, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

WOT Trust Score

According to WOT, has a score of :

  • The Web of Trust has not yet given the website a rating.
  • Users may rate and review websites using the Web of Trust (also known as WOT) service.
  • To share their experiences, millions of Internet users have signed up for WOT.
  • Check the WOT scorecard for further information if the website has a bad reputation.

Domain Registration

Check the registration date of

  • Five years ago, the domain name was registered.
  • The date of a domain registration can be used to estimate the age of the domain.
  • It is obviously suspicious if a domain was registered less than a few months ago.
  • Before making a purchase from a too-new internet store, consider it twice.

Company Review

The proprietor of the website has been kept anonymous. There may be a good reason to do this, such as

  • These details are used by spammers to email website owners. Sadly, it also hinders the identification of the owner. We would prefer if his real identity were revealed on the internet.
  • This business appears to be providing a form of “click fraud.” Why would a business sponsor pay you to If there is no genuine interest on your part, click on his advertisement, watch his commercial, or complete his survey.
  • Buyer? Even if the business could be legitimate, we advise great caution. as soon as the business People who worked for the con artist but were caught committing “click fraud” do not be paid.
  • This business appears to be a job board or a recruiting firm. Most of these sites are trustworthy. However, be wary of such employment scams. If the business requests payment for training or other types of services without guaranteeing you a job, it can be a fraud.
  • We found from our analysis of the reviews that they are either highly good or very negative. This tendency has been observed with several shady websites. Scammers purchase phony reviews to Cover up bad online reviews. It is simple because reviews can be purchased for a few pennies to do. The best course of action is to manually evaluate the reviews.

Webshop Review

  • This website’s Tranco rating is poor. Compared to other websites, this might be viewed as being low.
  • From the nation of the website. If you believe this website should be very well known, please make extra investments.
  • Time investigating the business since this is troubling. A low Alexa ranking for a new or small website Ranking might be viewed as typical.
  • This website’s domain name was registered many years ago. Typically, the older the more reliable a website gets. Scammers, however, may purchase already-existing websites and
  • Please make sure you look for other fishy characteristics as well before they start doing their wicked thing.

Technical Review

Due to the website’s usage of registrar services that are also utilized by many other websites, we reduced its evaluation score. Websites with mediocre to poor review ratings. Premium domain registration companies have a lengthy “Know your customer” procedure. This makes internet fraudsters less appealing. It might not be good fortunate that there are so many websites at this registrar with a poor trust rating, but we decreased the trust to be sure, and gave the website a rating.

The business appears to provide payment options with a “money-back guarantee,” such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Alipay. Although this money-back promise is not completely safe, it does allow customers to often request a refund if a good is not delivered or turns out to be fake.

We found an SSL certificate, which means that all information transmitted between your browser and the website is encrypted, secret and inaccessible to others. Legitimate and secure websites always employ SSL certificates. Unfortunately, scammers are using SSL certificates more often, thus there is no assurance that You’re on a reputable website.

Custom service Reviews

1. Tonny Kip:

This is a scam project

Date of experience: March 22, 2022

2. Twistler Mods:

This website is in fact a scam!
I have tried it out after finding it on google.
I have completed a few tasks, followed the rules to be eligible to get my reward. I got nothing (I even checked pending). This website is a complete scam!

Date of experience: February 08, 2022

Website Popularity

  • Ranking #357,381 among millions of other websites is this one.
  • The Alexa ranking is used to gauge the popularity of websites; it is most effective for US-based websites.
  • A rank under 500,000 indicates that the site receives a respectable volume of visitors.

HTTPS Connection

  • There is a working HTTPS connection on the website.
  • E-commerce websites and online stores must have a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS).
  • When you enter sensitive data, an HTTPS connection makes sure that all of the transmission is secured.
  • Any e-commerce site without an HTTPS connection should be considered suspect.

Domain Blocklist Status

  • No blocklist engine has found the site.
  • A blocklist may have identified the website as being involved in spam or malware activities.

Hosting Provider

  • View details about the website’s host, including the IP address of the server.
  • MaxMind GeoLite DB is the source of the IP geolocation information.

The trust score of the million formula is low. Why? may be a fake website. The website has a poor trust rating. An algorithm on a computer calculated the review, where 0 is considered to be extremely untrustworthy. And using 100 is thought to be secure. Based on 40 distinct factors, our system produces the trust score. Data that it gathers Examples include the distance between the server’s and client’s locations. Firm, whether or not contact information is shown, and the ratings and reviews that are posted to Safe.Shop,Several other review websites, etc. The website’s poor trust score was assessed by computer software. Therefore, it is wise to conduct your own research before making a purchase or to provide your contact information on our website.

Positive highlights

  • This website provides “money return services” for the payment types it accepts.
  • This appears to be a job board or a recruiter. Consult our checklist for employment scams.
  • Reviews of this website have generally been favorable.
  • A genuine SSL certificate was located (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • The website was created a number of years ago.
  • This website is deemed safe by DNSFilter.
  • Flashstart’s malware and phishing checks.

Negative highlights

  • The owner of the website is not listed on WHOIS
  • The Tranco rank (how much traffic) is rather low
  • The registrar of this website is popular amongst scammers
  • The PTC jobs offered on this site may be high-risk
  • The reviews are either very positive or negative

Website data

1. Website

2. Redirecting from website

3. Title

MillionFormula – Make money online

4. Description

Make money online. Million Formula gives you a chance to earn money online by doing simple tasks online like watching, liking, and commenting on videos.

5. Domain age

4 years from now

6. Website Speed

Very Fast

7. SSL certificate valid


8. SSL type

Low-Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

9. SSL issuer

CPanel, Inc.

10. WHOIS registration date


11. WHOIS last update date


12. WHOIS renew date


13. Tags

Registration Possible, Industry – Jobs, Helpdesk, Payment Methods – Reliable, Language – English





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