Science Experiments: Children and the World Around Them

Children are naturally curious about the world that surrounds them. Even infants are fascinated by how things move or how light reflects off a surface. Toddlers are constantly exploring their world by pulling, pushing, and putting one object inside another. From the moment they are born, children are learning how the world around them works. What better way to continue this education than by safe and fun science experiments? Children and their world are constantly in motion. Why not provide them with a way to explore that motion?

While this idea may sound good at first, a parent may wonder what is the best way to accomplish this? While sites like YouTube might have some good videos, there is the potential for inappropriate content to become visible to the child. Other sites like Facebook have the potential to have predatory persons lurking the background. In this time of cyber turmoil, where is a parent to find a safe place for their child to learn and explore without having to be concerned for their safety?

Luckily, there is one such site that is dedicated to this very purpose. is a child-friendly educational website that is built with children in mind. From the safety of the site to the safety of the experiments, parents can be reassured that their child is in good hands. The site is monitored 24/7 for the children’s protection and parents have complete access to what their child is doing.

Progress reports, emails, and a parental login are just some of the features available on this amazing website. There are hundreds of hours of videos and experiments available at the click of a mouse. Since children will be exposed to media as it is, parents might as well give them the best possible material to enhance their education while also having fun.

Site Outline

The very first thing that parents see when accessing the site is an invitation to give it a free two-week trial. This is possibly one of the most beneficial features. A parent can have the opportunity to allow their child to explore the site, try some of the experiments, upload some videos, and get feedback while gauging the benefits and how often the child might use the site in the future—and all without paying a cent.

As they scroll down the main page, they can read a few reviews by approving parents who have already given this site a try, all of which are positive and encouraging. There is a brief description of what the site entails, touching on how it’s ad-free, safe, and fully accessible by the parents. A little further down, it lists what is available for several age groups. Children as young as four years old can participate on the website.

Of course, older children can explore and learn as well. As the parent nears the bottom of the page, there is a small spot for the moderators of the website. One moderator, Meg, aids the children to make sure they feel safe and can ask any questions they want. Kienan, the other moderator, is there for the parents to make sure they feel comfortable with allowing their child or children to use the site.

Lastly, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section that outlines costs, how the videos work, materials needed, and more. If the parents have questions that aren’t answered there, the Chat With Us! button connects them with a moderator so that they may be helped. From there, parents can explore the different areas of study available, from art to chemistry. There are plenty of science experiments children and their parents can enjoy.

What Kids Can Explore

Each child is different and unique in what they enjoy learning. Some children are creative, wanting to learn how colors blend and how shading techniques achieve different looks. Some of those children might be interested in making those drawings that they create move via animation. Others might be more interested in creating delicious food to share with their family. There might be a musically inclined child or two. Of course, there are the builders and chemists in the group as well who are interested in how things work. No matter the child’s interest, there are modules that will match.

Younger children will need more supervision, but they are just as welcome as their older siblings to participate in Get them involved in chemistry by making colorful slime. Physics can be fun with model rockets that can be launched in the backyard. If they enjoy paints, have them create their very own monster. Videotape their reactions and have them watch as you post it to the website for feedback.

As they interact with the community, their confidence will grow and they will want to continue learning and discovering new things.

For older children who require less supervision, there are more than enough projects to do to keep occupied. Building machines from household objects, learning about electricity, and perfecting drawing skills are just a few things available to them.

They can even decide to teach other children if they feel skilled enough with the project at hand. They most likely won’t require help uploading their videos, but parents will still always be in the loop— sends out emails whenever their child uploads. The child can even build a portfolio to view their progress over the years. Nothing encourages a child to continue learning like proof of improvement.

Parental Benefits has a lot of benefits for parents too. One of the biggest concerns about children going online is who they will be interacting with. There are many potential predators on unmonitored sites. There is also the concern about cyberbullying. With, these worries are addressed and taken care of. The content is strictly monitored to keep children safe at all times. Inappropriate content, concerning behavior, and bullying is not tolerated.

If parents still have concerns about the safety of the site, there is a moderator available 24/7 to answer questions. Along with the safety, also keeps parents updated every time their child posts a video online via email. Nothing is hidden, inaccessible, or kept secret. There is even a report card sent to show what their child is interested in and how they’re growing. Parents can allow their child to explore and watch things on the site without having to worry that they are finding inappropriate content due to this.

Cost is another benefit. The range is based off how many children will be using the site with up to four being able to try it for free. If more than five will be using the site, a quick email to the support team can result in a potentially lower payment that will fit the family budget. Instead of paying for expensive cable to access children’s shows, parents can pay $15-25 a month for mentors educated in their field to teach them and walk them through science experiments or modules, as well as access to a supportive community of children who are learning right beside them.

Bond and Learn

With the community of children on, important social interactions and bonding experiences will be provided. Older children learn how to properly articulate their projects, boosting confidence and public speaking abilities as they do so. When they are at the proper age, they are also allowed to leave feedback. This teaches them to be properly constructive as opposed to simply stating that they disliked something or how it was done.

It also teaches them to be kind and how to police their words as to not hurt any feelings. They learn control in this sense that enables them to have positive social interactions in their later years. They may even make long-distance friendships on the site. Penpals are a fantastic social bonding experience with the potential of lifelong friendships and cultural learning opportunities. At the very least, children will learn how to take criticism, grow from it, and improve all while learning how to interact with others in a clear and helpful manner.

One of the best ways of bonding is creating something through science experiments. Children and parents alike will enjoy learning how chemical reactions can turn two liquids into a semi-solid slime, how magnets can be used to make toy cars move, or how to mix colors with paint. Younger children require regular supervision as it is. This would be a valuable time to begin introducing them to the sciences. As they grow, so does their confidence and the bond between parent and child.

Memories that they will carry throughout their lives will be made. This wouldn’t be achieved by watching television alone. With, parents can be directly involved in their children’s play, helping them learn and grow day by day. They can monitor their progress, provide encouragement, and just have fun playing with them. The time spent together is more precious than anything.

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