How to Learn Guitar Online: Find Your Musicality

Checking out the Guitar Many people start learning an instrument, only to give it up before they can truly learn how to play. There are many reasons for this: lack of time, lack of funds, being unable to find a teacher that teaches in a way that suits you, having a lack of motivation due to bad past experiences, etc. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! If you can’t make it to a traditional guitar class or aren’t able to afford a private teacher, knowing how to learn guitar online is something that can benefit you greatly.

Benefits of Learning Guitar Online

You may be asking yourself how you can possibly be able to learn guitar online. Without an instructor there to help you, can you really learn how? The answer is yes. While you may not have a person there to physically correct your fingering or answer questions, learning guitar online is entirely possible.

One benefit learning guitar online has over traditional lessons is that you can learn on your own schedule and not have to fit into someone else’s. If you think you’re too busy to take a class, take one online and you can squeeze lessons in whenever you’re able to. Instead of having to stick to a set day and time, an online class allows you to watch video lectures and do assignments on your own time, at your own pace. If you have questions or are unsure of something, you also have a network of other students in the class you can speak with or you can message the instructor. You can also go back over a lesson if you need to. With an in-person instructor, of course they can repeat something they’ve said while you’re in class with them, but what if you can’t remember something they said later when you’re practicing by yourself? Online classes don’t have that problem since you can always rewatch a video if you forget something.

How to Learn Guitar Online

There are many videos available online with tips and tricks on how to learn guitar. If you are looking for a more structured approach, you can try a learning website such as Udemy. Udemy has thousands of courses available so you can learn pretty much anything you want to. Learning on Udemy will cost you much less than in-person guitar classes so it is a much more budget-friendly option for those who may be worried about finances. It is also much more accessible than traditional classes as you can take classes anywhere you have an internet connection. You won’t be hindered by not having an available guitar teacher in your area or by not being able to afford their rates.

Udemy’s instructors are professionals in their fields. You will be taking a class from someone who knows guitar inside and out, who may even also teach professionally at a university or in private classes. The instructors that work with Udemy are all about sharing knowledge and helping students to thrive in whatever subject they’ve chosen. You can also trust that the content available in each class is the best you can find since instructors are always updating their classes. You don’t always get updated material if you are just watching a video on a site like YouTube. With Udemy, you’re connected with instructors who are actively playing guitar right now, who can share any additional knowledge they gain along the way with you.

Peruse Your Course Options

Udemy has hundreds of courses available that will help you learn guitar. They range from beginner to advanced and include specialty subjects such as jazz guitar and flamenco guitar. This means that even once you’ve got the basics down you can still keep learning and even if you’re already a master guitar player, there are other techniques you can learn.

Guitar and Hands
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One course available for beginners is Learn Guitar: Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 Days. This is designed for people who are completly new to learning music. You don’t need to already know how to read tablature or know anything about music at all, this course will go over all of that. This course teaches guitar a little differently, starting with fingerpicking instead of having students learn cords first. With fingerpicking, you’ll be able to start playing simple pieces within a few days, unlike when you start with learning cords. Before you even pick up a guitar, this course will teach you how to read tablature, identify string names, and use a metronome. Next, you’ll start learning to fingerpick, from the background and theory to the actual fingerpicking patterns. You’ll go from simple patterns to more advanced patterns and even learn how to create your own patterns. You will go through video lectures and then complete a homework exercise at the end of each unit. By the end of the course, you’ll be fingerpicking like a pro.

If you already know how to read guitar tabs and want to start with learning scales, then RelationShapes: Complete Guitar Scales Learning System is for you. You will learn all about major, minor, and symmetrical scales in this course. This class isn’t just about memorizing scales and finger positions, it’s about learning how to instinctively tell where you are in the scales on your guitar and how to get to where you want to go. You will break the scales down and really come to understand them, which will help you to learn guitar far better than just memorization. No matter what kind of guitar you have to what style of guitar you want to learn this course is a great starting point.

If you want to learn a variety of guitar techniques and really have an in-depth experience when you first start learning guitar, try Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass. You won’t just learn acoustic guitar, you’ll also learn techniques for playing electric guitar. You will go over riffs, chord progressions, and strumming patterns. The course offers many tips to make your life easier while learning guitar. You won’t just go over the actual mechanics of playing, either. You will learn how to practice, how to read tabs, how to tune your guitar, and how to set up an amp. You’ll also get to know all your guitar gear and learn what it’s for and how to use it. Knowing how to play a guitar is useless if you can’t do everything else that is required to maintain your guitar and really play a song. This is an extensive course, with 13 hours of video, a 42-page chord book, and 26 other resources you can download. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to play songs with confidence and impress your friends and family with how quickly you’ve picked up the basics.

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Are you already a more advanced guitar player? No problem, there are plenty of classes available for you as well! One such class is Ultimate Shred Machine: Learn Shred Guitar Techniques. Those who have already taken a beginners class through intermediate players will have no problem taking this course, assuming they already know how to read tabs and play scales. You won’t just learn to shred, you’ll also learn tapping, sweeping, and legato. If you love rock and heavy metal, you’ll definitely want to take this course so you can learn the techniques required to play those types of music. The course comes with 2.5 hours of video and over 140 different downloadable resources for you to peruse through. You will go over what exactly each technique is, the common errors guitar players make when attempting to learn these techniques, and tricks to overcoming these problems. You won’t be tied up with a lot of hard to understand language or intense theory, you’ll be shredding from day one. At the end of the class, you’ll have an improved understanding of how to play guitar and you’ll be able to play all the heavy metal you want.

Unleash Your Inner Musician

Learning guitar doesn’t have to be hard. There are hundreds of online courses available out there so you are sure to find something that suits your individual learning style and needs. Don’t know how to read tabs or use a metronome? That is okay, you’ll be able to find a class for complete beginners to music and instruments. Did starting with scales not work for you in the past? There are other ways to begin your guitar playing journey. If you aren’t able to make it to a guitar class or aren’t able to afford a private teacher, online classes are a great option for you. Even if you already know how to play guitar you can benefit from online classes that will teach you new techniques and new styles of guitar, all from your computer, at your own pace. Now that you know how to learn guitar online, you can start strumming, shredding, and impressing your friends with your new skills any time you want.

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