Indoor Activities for Adults

Some days you just don’t want to go outside. Maybe the weather is foul. Maybe allergies are high. Maybe it’s just a lazy day. No matter the reason, you don’t want to go outside, and that’s completely ok! But what is there to do inside? Children have toys and games that they can play with, not to mention what seems like unlimited energy and imagination. Most adults don’t play with children toys anymore, an exception being perhaps video games. So, what can you do to avoid cabin fever or general lethargy brought on by boredom? Good news: there are plenty of indoor activities for adults.

Each of these activities are relaxing and can be altered to fit all types of personalities. From keeping plants alive to staying fit to kicking back and letting your own imagination stretch its wings, there are plenty of ways for adults to have a good time while staying indoors.

Getting Creative

While stuck inside, whether by choice or by nature’s discretion, it’s important to keep the mind stimulated. And what better way than diving into a project that lets your creativity flow? No matter what you might enjoy, there is a creative activity for you.

Crossword puzzle and word find books may not be viewed as typical creative outlets, but they still exercise the brain and can keep you entertained for hours on end. Colored markers or pens make the hunt even more fun the more you fill in.

Get books with themes that you enjoy, may that be inspirational quotes, household objects, gardening, or sports. There are so many options when it comes to this activity. These books are also widely accessible, being found in many nearby retail stores. Barns & Noble, Walmart, Target, and various gas stations typically have a small selection that you can choose from.

In a more traditional direction, coloring books are becoming widely popular. There are even special pens and markers that are being sold that you can use to create vibrant scenes and pictures. This is one of the most beneficial indoor activities for adults as it has been scientifically found to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and promote clear thinking. Focusing on the intricate details in each picture lulls you into a meditative state while still stimulating the brain and chasing any winter blues away.

Of course, what would a creative day be without a little painting? This can range from simple watercolor on construction paper to full on canvas painting with high-quality acrylics. Stencils can be used, or it can be done freehand. Whichever method you prefer as long as it gets those creative juices flowing. Don’t forget to wash off those brushes!

Windowsill Herbs

It is known that plants improve mood and overall health. They clean the air, bring a little color inside, and give a sense of accomplishment as they grow. Bring them into the kitchen and you can have access to fresh herbs all year round. It is functional, and it can add some flare to your décor. Mason jars provide a crafty repurposed feel.

Terracotta is traditional and customizable with paint. Glass containers come in all sorts of cute shapes and sizes. As long as drainage is sufficient and the pot is large enough, the options are virtually endless.

One of the easiest herbs that you can grow is lemongrass. A single shoot in a glass of water will provide a bumper crop soon after. Lemongrass gives off a fresh, citrusy scent identical to its namesake, making it a fantastic addition to the window. Every time you walk by, a light whiff will remind you that you are giving life to this plant.

As for dishes, lemongrass would make a lovely addition to chicken and stews, providing a sweet zest that would compliment all other flavors. Just a light sprinkle will go a long way.

Peppermint is another extremely easy herb to grow and is incredibly versatile. Once planted, it thrives. Soon you’ll have an overabundance of the fragrant, minty leaves to add to many dishes. From desserts to main courses, drinks to garnish, this plant is a reward to grow. It even thrives in shade!

For slightly more experienced green thumbs, rosemary is a lovely plant to have sitting in the kitchen where it is easily accessed. Many delicious dishes will benefit from your care and maintenance of this plant. Unlike the other two, rosemary prefers to be drier and in sandy soil. The forgetful waterer will get along with this plant just fine. Once the leaves are mature, you can begin benefiting from this plant whenever you want.

Of course, there are other plants that would thrive beautifully in the kitchen. Depending on how much room is available and what you regularly cook, you can customize your little indoor garden to suit your every need. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time gardener, having a windowsill garden is one of the most rewarding indoor activities for adults.


The biggest thing many people struggle with is finding the motivation to go to the gym on a regular basis. Physical activity is very important for mental wellbeing – especially when cooped up inside due to weather. Sitting around is good for neither your body nor your brain. But how can one exercise without leaving the comfort of home? Yoga! There is a level of yoga for any practitioner, and each flow can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Before finding an instructor, however, you need to find a mat. This can be an intimidating task at first. There are several different materials that you can choose from, all ranging in different thicknesses. The most basic is a simple yoga towel, which will provide a barrier between you and whatever is on the floor. It also helps absorb sweat and aids in grip so you can hold those long poses without worrying that you’ll slip.

If you want to be eco-friendly, there are bamboo or natural rubber mats. These options tend to be a bit more expensive but are well worth it. Lastly, there is the classic yoga mat found in retail stores such as Walmart or Target. These usually come in various colors, designs, and thicknesses.

Besides a mat, you do have the option of acquiring other yoga accessories. There are blocks, bands, gloves, socks, and other useful items, but they are not necessary to begin.

The next step is to find the instructor you like. There are two main ways to do this: an exercise DVD found near the equipment in the store, or a video on YouTube. Both are good options and each have their benefits. DVDs work as long as you have power. The routine is always the same so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with new poses.

After a while, though, this can get boring. YouTube instructors typically upload new videos regularly, so this wouldn’t be an issue. There are also an abundance of them, so you could change up your routine at will. The downfall of using YouTube is you need an internet connection, so if the weather is poor you may not have video.

The final way that you can do yoga is memorizing certain poses and freestyling. Who knows what you need better than you?

Once you find your instructor and mat, all that’s left to do is hit play! Whether you want to focus on improving flexibility, building muscle, or trimming down, there is a yoga flow for you. The health benefits are exponential, it helps focus the mind, and it gives you easy access to exercise within the comfort of your living room.

Good Old Reading

One of the most common and well-loved indoor activities for adults is good old reading. Pretty much everyone has at least one favorite book that they keep near their bed or on the coffee table to pass the time. May it be romance, a historical recollection, or sci-fi, there is a genre for any mood.

During the winter months, the weather is generally too dreary to do much outside. This is a perfect time to dust off that old favorite novel, find your comfiest sweater or blanket, and snuggle down. A hot beverage of choice (hot chocolate, cider, tea, or coffee are excellent) adds an extra layer of cozy.

Candles or lit incense can create an atmosphere of relaxation with familiar smells. There are many ways to create a quiet moment where you can indulge in a fictional (or non-fictional) world. Animals tend to enjoy reading with you, so expect a cuddly canine or friendly feline to be perched nearby. If you want, you can read aloud to them and include them in your relaxation.

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