Online Biblical Hebrew Classes: a Guide

For years, the Holy Bible is the Book where everyone goes for inspiration or advice in a difficult situation. If you are interested in learning more about the bible languages, you might want to learn Hebrew. But, not just any Hebrew, but the biblical Hebrew.The good news is that there are some great online Biblical Hebrew classes that you can do that will give you the right knowledge and certification about this language.
There are also some other biblical languages that you can learn at the same online institute. The only thing that you need to make sure about is that you are using the right institute and that you get all the necessary information about these online classes before you consider doing one. This is everything you need to know about the best institute for online biblical Hebrew classes.

Where You Can Go for Online Biblical Hebrew Classes

The one thing that you need to know is where you can go for these biblical Hebrew classes. There are many different online courses that you can do, but not all of them are recognized as legitimate learning institutes and where you are getting a diploma after completing the course.

If you are looking for an institute where you can find the best and most legit classes, then you should consider the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. This is known as offering the best courses in biblical languages. And, this is an online institute that is legitimate and whose certificates are acknowledged at any college or work.

More About the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies is more than just another online college. This is a place where people all around the world can get access to the Bible and make it more understandable for everyone. To learn more about the languages that were spoken during the time of the Old and New Testaments, namely Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

They are making it easier for people who want to read the Bible in its original form without the need for translations. To be able to interpret the Holy Text themselves, without just rely on other people who translated the Bible Hebrews into other languages. Or, to make sure that people that want to study further in Bible studies to be able to understand the language and customs easier.

Where Can You Find These Online Biblical Hebrew Classes

Where is this Israel Institute of Biblical Studies situated? And, why is their origin so important to people who want to learn more about Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew.

The institute is originally from Israel. The main college is also situated in Israel and is all about Judaism. This doesn’t mean that only people from Judaism can study there. It means that they truly know everything about the Biblical Hebrew and the customs that ancient people had. Making this a true biblical learning experience, not only in language but in their customs as well. Even, if you are doing online courses.

Some of the Experts About Biblical Hebrew That You Might Meet at the Institute

It’s important to make sure that when you are studying something as important as Biblical Hebrew, that there are enough experts for assistance. You can’t study something like this on your own, without assistance. These are two of many experts that you can get some assistance from the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.

Jonathan Lipnick

Jonathan Lipnick is one of the experts that is working at the institute. He is the Dean of the Holy Land Studies Faculty, and he has a comprehensive understanding of the scriptures. He is also the author of the course “Exploring the Biblical Land of Israel”. He can assist students with a visual of the landscapes, smells, and sounds of ancient Israel.

What his education entitles, he has a MA degree in Religious studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harvard University. He also has a BA in religious studies from Indiana University. At the moment, he is busy with his Ph.D. in the study of Religion at Harvard. Making him truly an expert in Hebrew and biblical Hebrew.

He is playing a big role in the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and has written a couple of blogs you can read on their site. Besides that, he also is the main author of one of the courses you can take at the institute.

Judith Green

Another biblical expert is Judith Green. She is an expert at the Israel institute and is known as a Biblical Greek expert, and is also an academic developer. She is teaching Classical Greek as well as Biblical Greek at the Hebrew University for decades. She has assisted students from Israel, China, Japan, and other countries who wanted to learn more about the ancient history of the Bible and Greek.

She is well educated and has a MA degree in Classical philology from Harvard University. She also started her Thesis about Nicetas Choniates, at Harvard. Then, she also has a MA degree in classical archaeology from the Chicago University. She is also an expert in classical studies on Greek, art, and archaeology.

She is working at the Israel Institute and has made a big impact on many online learners about online biblical Hebrew classes. Especially to those learners that are interested in Biblical Greek and the culture and civilization people have been living during the biblical years.

The Great Thing About the Online Biblical Hebrew Classes

Why should you consider going to the online classes at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies? This is because you will get to learn everything about Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek with the right culture, without leaving your home. You don’t need to visit Israel or stay in Israel to study at this institute.

However, when studying online, you can still use your knowledge to study further biblical studies and to use your certification legitimately. There aren’t many institutions where you can study biblical languages, and if you do, you might not live near the campus. With online classes, you can live anywhere and still get the qualifications you want.

Some of the Online Courses You Can Find at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

When you are considering using the institute for learning a biblical language, you can know that there is a variety of different courses that you can find, courses for beginners and for experts. You just need to make sure that you are getting all the information you need about each course before you can actually choose one that you want to enroll in. These are some of the online courses that you can find at the Israel Institute of biblical studies.

Biblical Hebrew Courses

If you are considering taking the biblical Hebrew course, there are a couple of things that you need to know. This course is a set of 5 courses. And each course has levels from 1 to 5. At these courses, you will learn everything about the alphabet and biblical syntax.

And, you will become familiar with the translation decisions that you need to make over the ages and understand their original biblical meanings from the biblical texts. This is some info about the 5 courses of biblical Hebrew.

  • Course 1: the beginner’s course. Here you are going to rediscover the Bible and get a deeper understanding of the Holy scriptures. After the course, you will be able to read the original Hebrew Bible, and you will discover some hidden secrets that have been lost.
  • Course 2: The improved course. With this course, you will get to know more about the Holy Scriptures and their original writings. You will also learn more about the true meaning behind each word of the Biblical Hebrew and biblical story.
  • Course 3: Intermediate. A bit more complex than the other two courses. Here you will get higher knowledge about biblical Hebrew, making it even easier to read and to understand the language and the meaning behind it. You can also now learn how to interpret the language on your own.
  • Course 4: The advanced course. Now, you will get familiar with and understand biblical poetry, prophecies, and wisdom literature better. You will be able to read the book of Psalms in biblical Hebrew and understand how to interpret the text on your own.
  • Course 5. The last and expert course. This is the last course in biblical Hebrew. Here you will learn the history behind Hebrew and how the language changed through different periods.

Biblical Greek Courses

The biblical Greek courses that the Israel institute is offering are basically the same as what they offer for biblical Hebrews. The only difference is that this is for the ancient Greek language instead of the Hebrew language. And, this is only a two-level course and not a 5 level course like the biblical Hebrews courses.

With these two courses, you will learn a lot about the biblical Greek language and customs. Understanding how to interpret the language in your way and to understand the deeper meanings.

After your biblical Greek course, you will be able to read the Bible in the original Greek form and get a much better understanding, especially of the New Testament.

Biblical Aramaic Courses

Biblical Aramaic online course from the Israel Institute of biblical studies is only a beginner’s course in this biblical language. You will learn here how to master the Aramaic letters and the biblical syntax. Learning how to translate the text into your own words and find out more about the meanings that have been lost over centuries of translation between languages and people.

Modern Hebrews Courses

If you have done the courses of biblical Hebrews, you can switch to the courses for Modern Hebrew. This is to learn more about the Hebrew that is used today. This is a long course that is a set of 8 courses, with 8 levels each.

You will learn to master the language, learn the alphabet, reading and writing and even learning more about the Jewish culture and heritage. From centuries ago, till today. The differences, but also the things that have stayed the same over the years.

The Hebrew classes start with the beginner course, improved course, intermediate, advanced, and four expert levels. After the modern Hebrews courses, you will be able to write and read Hebrew.

Yiddish Courses

Also, just one course, the Yiddish course is teaching you how to read Yiddish phonetically and how to understand the meaning of the Yiddish words and meanings. You will also learn more about the terms of the original Yiddish and discover more about the Yiddishkeit and Jewish Ashkenazi culture.
This course is a great alternative for people that are done the biblical Hebrew courses or the modern Hebrew courses. There is a connection between these online courses.


When you are reading this post, you might be interested in enrolling in a course for biblical languages.

With all our information that we gave, you will know why the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies is a place to consider when you are looking for online courses in biblical studies. The experts that we have mentioned are creating and monitoring the courses that you are doing. To make sure that you are getting all the right information and to be there as a guide if needed.

What matters is that you are using the right and legitimate institute for this learning material. To ensure that you are getting all the right information and to be guided in the right direction. If you are interested in biblical history and the original text and scrolls, then learning more about ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and ancient Greek is essential.

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