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Are you a project manager or do you hope to become one? The Project Management Professional Certification is a great way to show employers that your skills and experience allow you to be a great project manager. This certification opens you up to more job opportunities and will also increase your salary. Training can sometimes be hard, especially if you have a full-time job, but this is a certification you don’t want to miss out on if you want to develop your career.

What Is the PMP?

Getting PMP certification is the best way to display your project management skills to employers. The PMP is trusted worldwide and is, in fact, a requirement for many project management jobs. Even if you have years of experience, you may be losing out on potential jobs due to the fact that you don’t have this certification. Project Management Professionals earn on a regular basis more than project managers without the certification and are more likely to get hired or promoted to senior project management positions. Companies that hire PMP certified project managers also tend to complete more projects on time than companies without PMPs, while staying within their budget and meeting the company’s original goals.

In order to become a Project Management Professional, you must take the PMP exam. Taking the exam comes with requirements. You must have a high school diploma; alternatively, you can hold an associate degree, or equivalent and have 7,500 hours directing projects or a four-year degree and 4,500 hours directing projects. You must also complete 35 hours of project management training. This can be either in-person or online. Once you meet these requirements, you must apply to take the exam and have your application accepted.

Where to Train for the PMP

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting the 35 contact hours you need for the PMP exam. There are in-person classes and some businesses even sign their employees up for group training. If you don’t have the time for classes or your company isn’t offering group training, online training is a great option for you. You can also take online classes if you already have your 35 contact hours but need some help studying for the exam or refreshing your knowledge after failing the exam the first time around.

Master of Project Academy is one site where you can take online classes. They offer a variety of course formats, including one-on-one coaching sessions, live video lectures, and entirely self-paced courses. The costs are reasonable, and the classes are accessible. If you aren’t sure about what class to take or if Master of Project Academy is even right for you, there are free classes available for your review prior to signing up and paying for a training course. This is a great deal as you often get to review content from the paid courses to see if it will work for you.

They were named the #1 project management online training provider by and for good reason! 99.6% of students pass their exams on the first try after training with Master of Project Academy. They have had over 500,000 students over the years, from 180 different countries. In addition to PMP certification training, they also offer IT certification training, Quality Management training, Cyber Security Training, and more.

What Courses to Take

If you are currently a working professional, chances are you may not have the time to attend a PMP training course. There is a self-paced course, PMP Certification Training- 35 Contact Hours Online PMP Training, that may be perfect for you. This gives you the 35 hours of training you need prior to taking the PMP exam but you can train whenever is convenient for you. You can train during lunch breaks, for a couple hours after work, whenever you have free time. There is not a deadline to complete the course by either, so you can take as long as you need. The course also has over 750 practice questions, a sample exam to help you study for the actual exam, flash cards, cheat sheets, and a guide helping you to apply for the final PMP exam. Additionally, there is a class forum where you can communicate with other students, in case you need a little peer help with understanding something.

Want some instructor help in addition to all the self-study tools? PMP Online Class Virtual Training- 4 Days 35 Contact Hours is a good option for you. This course offers instructor lead lessons. These lessons are conducted via conference chats so you can attend the class from anywhere. There are many options on the calendar as far as scheduling goes. Classes are scheduled on both weekends and weekdays in order for you to be able to fit them in during your week. Whatever your preference, you’ll complete the training in 4 days. You will be able to speak with a live instructor and ask any questions you may have throughout the course. You will also be able to go over practice questions and study with flash cards and cheat sheets. There is an option to combine the live class and the self-study class as well if you want some extra study material.

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Sometimes you need some extra help with training. Master of Project Academy offers PMP One-on-One Online Coaching for this very reason. You will still need to take another course to fulfill your contact hours requirement but this is a great way to continue studying before the exam. You will have a private instructor who can answer any questions you may have about taking the exam. All sessions with your one-on-one coach will be based on what questions you have and what topics you want to go over. Your coach will also be able to help you study and double-check your exam application before you send it off. If this is your first time taking the test, your coach will teach you study tricks and give you tips on how to have the best chance of passing the exam the first time. If you have taken the test before but didn’t pass, your coach will be able to go over any content you didn’t understand and help you have a better chance of passing your exam the second time around.

Another option for your PMP training is the PMP Certification Training Bundle. This has three different PMP online training courses. One that is included is the self-paced 35 Contact Hours Online Training course. You will also get access to PMP Exams and Math Lectures. This course has over 30 hours of video lectures and seven different sample PMP exams for you to take. If you are worried about the math in the exam, that is the main focus of this course and you will go over all the required math skills for the PMP exam. The sample exams also come with not just solutions for the questions but explanations as to why those are the best answers. There is also a Free PMP Training included. You will get to review useful suggestions from past test takers, go through the constantly discussed topics about the PMP, and gain access to PMP study materials. This course also goes over how to complete your exam application, what the requirements for PMP certification are, and what to do if you ever have to face a PMI audit. If you are unsure about taking a PMP training course online, the free course is always available by itself to review and it comes with some sample lectures from the other classes.

The PMP exam is great for experienced project managers but what if you’re just starting out? You can become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) in order to gain the skills you need to begin managing projects and advance your career. The CAPM Certification Training- 23 Hours Online CAPM Training course is the one for you if you plan to take the CAPM exam. This is an entirely self-paced course so you can fit it in here and there, even if you’re busy working or going to school full time. The course has 23 contact hours, the required amount before you can sit for the CAPM exam. You will go through real-world examples of projects in order to better understand the concepts learned throughout the course. To help you study, you will also have access to 600 study questions, a full practice CAPM exam, and downloaded tools and handouts. This class has a forum as well if you have any questions or just need to go over some things with your classmates.

Prove Your Project Management Skills

Chances are, you’re already capable of managing projects on a professional level. You just need to prove that to employers in order to get that new job you’ve always wanted or be promoted to a senior position at your current company. The Project Management Professional Certification is the best way to earn more and finally get your dream job.

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