Facts to Know About a PMP Certification Course Online

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The internet has made it easy for us to study from the comfort of our offices or homes and without attending class. One of the courses you can take online regards the Project Management Professional Certification, also known as PMP cert. A PMP certification is what project managers need to climb up the ladder. However, a PMP exam is not a stroll in the park. You have to understand everything you learn or else it will be a waste of your time and money. Here are some facts you should know about a PMP certification course online.

1. You Need a PMP Certificate If You Are a Manager

There are almost one million certified project managers in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live and where you work at, as long as you have a PMP certification. It’s the only credential a project manager needs to show that he/she passed the PMI’s PMP exam.

Lawyers also do bar exams, and they have to master the main topics for them to pass the exam. You should as well take that PMP certification.

2. You Can Take Online PMP Courses or In-Person Courses

PMP courses can also be done in-person. An in-person course gives you the benefit of being in one classroom with other students and a physical teacher you can converse with. But don’t get it twisted. An online course is more convenient and will save you a lot of money and time.

The good thing about an online course is that you only need to have a stable internet connection and you can stay at home or study from your office during breaks. You can easily access the study modules and materials. Some are even downloadable to study offline.

3. Check Your Eligibility

To be eligible for a PMP exam, you need to have a secondary degree or bachelor’s degree and have 35 hours of project management formal education. You also need to have a professional project management experience, and that means you have:

• Directed cross-functional teams to deliver on the project according to the set schedule and provided budget and resources.

• Performed all your duties with minimum supervision. You were responsible for all the projects from all aspects.

• Demonstrated experience and sufficient knowledge to apply a methodology appropriately. You can understand well-defined project requirements and are able to deliver.

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4. Compare the Price to Your Budget When Applying for a PMP Certification Course Online

Money matters and so when picking a PMP course, compare your prices. Factors to consider is the duration of the course and the price of the materials.

An online PMP exam course is less expensive, of course, and so, if you are looking forward to saving your money, it’s the better option. Don’t assume that since a course is cheap, it’s of low quality. It’s just pure logic that being in a classroom will be more expensive.

Consult your employer to know if they can offer you a scholarship. Also, check with the online course provider to get convenient rates.

5. Select a PMI Registered Instructor and Education Provider

You will get the most from the PMP course online if the instructor is PMP certified. The trainer should be able to prepare and take the exam themselves. If your instructor can do this, he or she can help you overcome the barriers in preparation for the PMP exam.

You should also ensure that the course is provided by a PMI registered provider. A variety of institutions offer the courses, and a REP certification and logo will ensure that they follow the established quality criteria.

6. Find Your Reason to Get PMP

PMP journey can be long and hard for lots of people. The longer you study, the more you tend to lose the momentum. When there is no much reason to do it, it becomes a lesser priority. Find an emotional reason to do the course. Start by differentiating between reason and need. Communicate with your brain and let it know that you need to get this done.

Study PMP Certification Course Online at ExpertRating, a Certified Provider

ExpertRating is a trusted online course provider and has collaborated with the world’s renowned brands such as Google, Walmart, IKEA, Ericsson, Amazon, and GAP. They certify the skills of all the students through the same platform as the giants mentioned. ExpertRating delivers over 3 million online courses and certifications every year.

Why You Should Study at ExpertRating

i) Flexible Testing Options

Their testing system has been designed to offer flexibility in terms of testing and pricing options. Employers can simply begin by testing their employees through ExpertRating testing program by signing up on the site and paying every employee’s test fee.

ii) Quick and Efficient in Hiring Talent

ExpertRating has been the only choice for hundreds of employers in the US and has been helpful in identifying talent.

iii) Integrated Testing System

The integrated testing system in their website allows other website owners to integrate their system in the visitor’s websites. This is an important solution for recruiters, employers, and HR software developers.

iv) They Have Unmatched Employment Testing Features for Businesses

Taking a PMP Certification Exam Preparatory Course

When you take this course, you will also get a refresher for free. The preparatory certification course ensures you are prepared for the final exam. You also get awarded a course completion certificate alongside another one stating you have made it past the requisite 35 PDUs.

There are explanatory videos in the course designed to help you get ready for your certification exam. To enroll, you just have to register on the site, pay the fee, and you are in. There is a money back guarantee clause.

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The Process of Exam Registration

By the time you will be completing the course, you will take two simulation exams each with 200 questions. The simulation exams or preparatory exams are all based on the PMP certification preparatory course. The exams have multiple choice questions picked from across the PMP preparatory course chapters. It is four hours long.

Will You Be Enrolling to an Online Classroom?

Apparently not! All the courses are video recorded, and you can access them from anywhere at any time. You decide when to go through those videos and at your own pace. As a course student, you will have three-month access to the video files after enrolling.

On matters of charges, you will be paying for the course fee alone, and the exam fee is paid to the Project Management Institute (PMI).

You will have complete access to all the course materials including the whole video content, case studies, simulation tests, chapter-end quizzes, and videos with tips and tricks.

Once you have accomplished or finished the course and complete the exam at the end of it, you will be awarded with a 35-hours PDU certificate that will be sent to you. The ExpertRating won’t be the one delivering the course certificate to you, but the PMI.

What if You Don’t Get Satisfied With the Course Material’s Quality?

You are free to request a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the quality given. The site provides a hassle-free refund. However, there are terms and conditions involved.

You must fulfill the following:

  • Gone through all the videos in the course
  • Taken the exam 45 days or less since completing the course
  • You submit snapshots showing your scorecard
  • You have scored over 70% by the end of the course final exam.

Choosing a PMP as a career

Every industry has projects that are carried every once in a while or daily. The size of the projects vary. According to a research study, almost 16 million new project management jobs will be available globally in the present decade. That means you won’t have to worry about not finding a job. The job will find you. You better be ready.

Almost every profession needs you to study. Unless you are an artist, the only way you can get promoted at your workplace is by taking a course related to the office you are hoping to occupy. Take a PMP course and exam, and the future will look brighter.

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