How to Learn Python Online and Become More Tech Savvy

Python is a general purpose coding language. It can be used for nearly anything you’d need to code, like desktop applications, mobile apps, and websites. These aren’t the only things it is used for, of course. You can also use it to program machines and equipment as NASA does. Python can display images, save data, process text, solve equations and process numbers, and much more. Python can pretty much be used for anything you can think of when it comes to using your computer, smartphone, and other forms of technology. Google, YouTube, and many other large companies use Python as the base of their programs.


Python is also one of the easiest programs to learn for beginners and is an important language for any would-be programmer to learn. Python is designed to be easily read and also easily translated, which can save time when working in teams since there won’t be any problems if not everyone in the team knows Python.

So how do you learn Python? You can learn it in a variety of places. What you’re going to learn here is how to learn Python online.

Why You Should Learn Python Online

As stated above, Python is an easy to learn and easy to use, yet highly important language when it comes to coding and programming. Python is also great to use because you can make “modules”, which are templates that you can use in other applications without needing to completely redo all your coding. This is useful when making multiple websites to multiple apps that have the same basic form.

But why learn Python online? There are many universities that offer full degrees in programming and computer science and it’s easy enough to go purchase a “Python for Dummies” kind of book to get started if you’re not wanting to get a whole degree in programming and coding. These options aren’t always viable for everyone, however. A high school student with an interest in making their own apps isn’t ready for a full on university degree but could benefit from taking an online course to get started on coding their own games and mobile applications. A professional social media manager doesn’t necessarily want to go back to school to add some extra skills to their resume and be able to design websites, apps, etc. for the companies they work for. Taking an online class is a great way to learn skills without the time and expense of a traditional in-person class.

Students and professionals alike can benefit from studying online. Even online classes that charge a fee are typically much cheaper than a college course, there’s no commute, and you can typically fit the coursework into your schedule instead of fitting your schedule around a class.

Where Can I Learn Python?

There are many places, both online and in a classroom, that you can learn Python. You can even pick up a book and start learning by yourself if you have the discipline to teach yourself. If you want a comprehensive, fully online program, though, you can check out a site like EDUREKA. Edureka doesn’t claim to be the largest education website or the cheapest, but they do have the highest course completion rate and are growing fast.

Everyone at Edureka cares about whether or not their students pass. They will push you to complete your course in any way that they can. If you are someone who has struggled with “self-paced” online programs in the past due to lack of motivation or the inability to manage time for yourself, don’t worry. You’ll receive reminder after reminder about due dates and deadlines. There is 24/7 support available if you need some extra help. The professionals and educators at Edureka have one shared goal: to help anyone with their continuing education goals, no matter what.

The founders, officers, advisors, and investors that make up the Edureka team all have educational backgrounds in various business and technology fields. They’ve built their educational platform from the ground up and are constantly updating and adding new courses in order to offer the best online technology education out there.

What Classes You Should Take

A good place to start if you’ve never studied Python before is with the ‘Python Programming Certification Course‘. According to this course, the average Senior Python Developer makes over $100k a year, so that’s a good reason to start learning Python! In this course, you will start with an introduction to Python. Beginners need not worry as they will start from the ground up. You will learn what Python is and why it’s important, as well as why you may want to choose it over other programming languages. You’ll talk about scripts, variables, expressions, loops, and many other Python-related terms. Students also get the chance to do a hands-on demo and start coding themselves! After you’ve got your introduction down, you’ll move on to learning Sequences and File Operations, Data Manipulation, GUI Programming, and much more. At the end, you’ll have some chances to program yourself by developing web maps and performing other coding tasks.

Another course you can take is the ‘Python Scripting Certification Training‘ course. Scripting is different than programming. You can use scripting to more quickly and easily build applications. You’ll get an overview of Python in this course as well, so don’t worry about having to take another introductory course before this one unless you’d like to. You’ll learn about data types, variables, conditional statements, and exception handling. You’ll also learn the difference between scripting and programming if that is something that is confusing to you. Pairing this with the programming course above will offer a broader depth of knowledge about Python. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to complete tasks such as developing networking applications. Even if you aren’t a programmer, you can benefit from this course. Edureka recommends this particular course for technical leads, developers, business analysts, data scientists, data analysts, and architects, as well as anyone in the programming field.

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence are also hot topics nowadays. Python is a great way to work on NLP and you can learn all about how to do that by taking a course like the ‘Natural Language Processing with Python Certification Course‘. People who have already studied linguistics and want to get into this specific field may benefit from taking this course. You’ll go over topics such as tokenization, syntax tree parsing, stemming, and named entity recognition. Don’t worry if that is all nonsense to you now, after the course you’ll have knowledge of many field-specific terms and ideas. You’ll start by learning about text mining: what it is, why it needs to be done, and how you can do it. You’ll move on into cleaning up text files, analyzing sentences and their structures, and classifying texts. At the end of the course, you’ll complete a project where you’ll get to display all of the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the course.

Edureka’s motto is, “Don’t just learn it, master it!” This is why you can also take masters certifications such as the ‘DevOps Masters Program.’ This doesn’t just teach you Python. It is a 12-course program designed to teach you a variety of other skills you’d need if you’re serious about a career in a field like DevOps. So if you take one of the Python courses and want to continue on, consider this program. If you already know that Python is just a stepping stone on a longer path to learning more about computer programming, this masters or the ‘Data Science Masters Program‘ may be a good choice for you. In addition to Python, you’ll learn tools like Apache Spark, Linux, Tableau, and Nagios, as well as skills such as statistics. There is a whole world of programming open to you after you’ve learned Python.

Become Even More Tech-Savvy

As you can see, Python is an extremely useful tool. Even if you don’t want to be a computer programmer you could benefit from learning Python. Linguists can use it for NLP and other text parsing needs, those in the marketing field can use it to develop websites to better suit their brand, a tech-savvy teenager could use it to program a robot for their science class, and an astronaut can use it for their equipment. You could even just learn it to make an app that doesn’t yet exist but that you’d like to use in order to make your life easier. Python has so many uses and is relatively easy to learn, so why not take advantage of all the resources available to you and learn it?

Whether you’re a seasoned programmer just looking to learn another programmer, a scientist wanting to better be able to analyze data, or an app development hobbyist, many people can benefit from learning a new programming language and now that you know how to learn Python online, you may as well give it a try!

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