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Everyone is proud of their language and culture. We recognize ourselves through that and mastery in your mother-tongue is one’s pride, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t master someone’s language as well. In fact, being multilingual is an added advantage in the job industry. Have you ever considered learning Mandarin Chinese? Well, China is taking over the world, and Mandarin is the main Chinese language.

Besides, it’s a beautiful language that you will love learning. So while you search for best business management courses online, why not try to learn Mandarin Chinese online as well?

What’s Mandarin?

Mandarin is a group of Chinese varieties commonly spoken in the most parts of southwestern and northern China, but today the language has spread across Asia, and it’s also common in Chinese inhabited areas such as Chinatowns in American cities. The largest of about ten Chinese dialect groups, the language is spoken by almost 70 percent of Chinese.

Mandarin is the People’s Republic of China’s official language. It’s also the main language in Taiwan and one of the main ones in Singapore.

The dialect is also spoken in the US, UK, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and some African countries are picking the language as well. About 850 million all over the world speak the Mandarin language, and you could be one of them. In fact, Mandarin Chinese is the world’s largest language by far.

You thought English was? English has borrowed many elements from Mandarin Chinese, and it’s not the only dialect that has copied words from the dialect. For instance, the word “Tea” is from the Amoy dialect, a branch of Mandarin, spelled as “t’e.” French, German, and Spanish dialects have taken the word as well.

The Chinese Culture

One of the oldest culture in the world dating thousands of years ago, the Chinese culture is rich. It’s defined by ceramics, music, visual arts, cuisines, architecture, religion, philosophy, and, what you know Jackie Chan for, martial arts. Every Chinese tribe has its cultural custom, costumes, and festivals. The minority groups have different cultural customs. There is a museum that showcases all those cultures which you can visit. But before making that trip, take a Mandarin Chinese online course.

Religion has also played a part in unifying the Chinese tribes. Taoism and Confucianism joined later on to become Buddhism, one of the largest religions in the world. The teachings of the religion have shaped the Chinese culture. China has about 1.4 billion people, and any other religion that is not Taoism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Protestantism, and Islam is illegal even though the Chinese constitution allows freedom of religion. The founder of Buddhism, Buddha, was a spiritual teacher who existed around the fifth century and his remains were discovered in Jingchuan County.

Apart from Mandarin which is spoken by over 70 percent of the people, other dialects spoken in China are Wu, Yue, Xiang, Hakka, and Gan. The dialects are different by far, according to Prof. Jerry Norman who was from the University of Washington. The professor believes that Chinese is more of a language family and not a single language. Many Chinese speak English fluently, surprisingly.

The Food and Arts

Just like other aspects as far as Chinese life is concerned, cuisine depends on geography as well as ethnic diversity. The most common styles of cooking in the land are Cantonese, which is stir-fried food, and Szechuan which is about using sesame paste, peanuts, and other spices. Rice is a major food source in the country and a significant element that helped the communities grow. The Chinese call rice “fan” and it’s a staple food just like cabbages, beans, scallions, and sprouts. Chinese consume little meat, and if they do, it’s pork or chicken. Tofu is their main source of protein.

When it comes to art, the Chinese are motivated not only by their spirituality but also their country’s mystical history. Many of their sculptures and paintings are of Buddhist figures. Martial arts were invented in China. Created in the middle of 1600, the technique makers observed animal movements. The ancient Chinese especially the Ming and Qing dynasties were avid writers and philosophers, and they are part of the country’s history.

Their Customs and Celebrations

The biggest festival in China is the Spring Festival which signifies the Lunar New Year’s beginning. The festival happens between mid-January and mid-February, and it celebrates and honors the ancestors. The celebration runs for 15 days, and the Chinese do something every day to usher in the new year, for instance, cleansing their bodies by eating rice congee and also mustard greens. Parades with dragon-like dressed dancers and fireworks mark the event.

Many Chinese people make pilgrimages to holy places such as Confucius’ birthplace located in Shandong Province every September 28 to celebrate the birth date. Guanyin’s birthday, who is the goddess of mercy is celebrated at Taoist temples, and it usually happens between March and April. In May or June, the Chinese people celebrate Mazu’s birthday who is the goddess of the sea. The Moon Festival begins either in September or October, and it features paper lanterns, moon gazing, and fireworks. A rich culture indeed. That’s why you need to learn Mandarin Chinese online.

What Learning a New Language Means

Learning another language is an achievement and a benefit in this globalized world. It will not only help you while traveling but also for your career abroad. Acquiring a second language enables you to develop some mental abilities. Learning a new language boosts your brain power because your brain has to absorb new patterns. That helps to equip your mind with essential learning skills like cognitive thinking as well as problem-solving.

Learning a new language also is beneficial for your memory and actually gives your brain a workout. Multilingual people don’t forget quickly, and they can recall figures, names, directions, and facts. You also get the ability to multi-task. According to research from Pennsylvania State University, people who know how to change one language to another are far better multi-taskers.

When you speak a second language, your mind sharpens, and it even remains sharper longer and enhances decision-making. Moreover, you get to improve your first language as it makes you a better listener. Research has also shown that learning a new language improves your performance in other academic areas like vocabulary, math and reading comprehension. It also increases your networking skills and provides you with better career choices.

So, Why Is Mandarin Chinese Important?

To start off, the Mandarin Chinese is the largest language in the world. That means that there is a higher chance you will have to communicate in Mandarin especially in Asia. China has the second largest economy in the world and is even Germany’s biggest trading partner. Imagine a growing economy that is taking over the world! Business is also becoming better because of one common language, and surprisingly people are embracing Mandarin more. If you are a Mandarin speaker, you can work in Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more countries.

China has a lot of places you can visit, one of them being the Golden Gates, and to make your traveling more interesting, communicating in Chinese makes it easier for you to interact with the locals. Moreover, Eastern Asia is a business hub, and most of the countries speak Chinese and so conversing in Chinese will give you an upper hand in gaining access to the business. Lastly, the ancient Chinese culture is exciting, but you can understand it better if you speak the language.

Where to Study Mandarin Chinese

Have you heard about italki? If not, that’s the best place you can learn Mandarin Chinese online and other languages at the comfort of your home. There are over 600 Mandarin teachers ready to take you through your next trip. With italki you can be the next fluent Mandarin speaker in your neighborhood. The site allows you to choose the teacher of your choice for one-on-one lessons and achieve your goals and interests.

You also pay per lesson and at a price convenient to you. Furthermore, you can take online lessons at any time and at a place you find comfortable. You begin by choosing a teacher, date and time, and connecting to study via Skype or any other video chat software. You can get a tutor or teacher charging as low as $6 for an hour.

Benefits of Enrolling on italki.com

You learn with real people. The site makes human connections between learners and teachers perfect and they believe anyone can be fluent in any language. Over a million students are learning through the platform. Every day, more students and teachers are discovering how convenient it is to study and teach on the platform.

Language education was insufficient and expensive in the past, and only students studying abroad could gain fluency in another language. italki has changed the game and broken the barrier. You can learn a foreign language from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the site and learn Mandarin Chinese online.

Learning a foreign language is one of the most important decisions you can ever make, especially Mandarin. You probably love dining at Chinese restaurants, are a fan of Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and dream to visit China. Why don’t you boost the experience by studying Mandarin Chinese online?

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