Who Are Some World-Famous Tattoo Artists?

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First, let’s take a look at the history of the tattoo itself and find out what it is all about beforehand, this way readers will be able to appreciate every tattoo artist for who and what they are in essence. Those who are world-famous tattoo artists are indeed gifted and blessed with a special talent all his or her own. Not everyone can do this kind of specialized artwork which is detailed to the letter and meant to be expressed as realistically as possible. Tattooing is far more than just a form of body modification that involves the usage of inks, dyes, and pigments to the skin. It is body art personified and something special unto itself.


What Is Tattooing?

Tattooing has been called many things. However, if you look back at its history, you will see that it is one of the oldest of art forms known to mankind. Tattooing is a type of body modification that involves the process of creating letters, symbols, or other images that are permanent in the description. A design is made by taking ink, dyes, or other pigments and inserting them into the dermis of the skin. The process is carried out to change the pigments. Ink is injected into the surface of the skin to create a tattoo.

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Tattoos as a group fall into three main categories. These categories are no other than purely decorative, symbolic, and pictorial. Some symbols are even used for the purpose of identification, such as ear tattoos for example. Ear tattoos are used for livestock as a form of branding. Purely decorative tattoos don’t have a definitive meaning. Symbolic tattoos do have a definite meaning to the wearer of the symbol. Pictorial tattoos are a depiction of a particular person or item.


How Far Back in Time Does the History of Tattooing Go?

Tattooing is something that goes back far in time. How far exactly? The answer is this: tattooing dates back to Neolithic times. It is something that is strongly evidenced by the presence of mummified preserved skin. Besides, there is also an archaeological record and ancient art. Archaeological finds of tattoo tools, as well as, ancient art do indicate that the art of tattooing has been practiced by the Upper Paleolithic period in Europe.

The history of tattooing itself is something that is interesting and mysterious at the same time. It is because of the long history of it, to be honest. Humans have marked their bodies with some form of tattoo for thousands of years and why is evident. Symbols are a means of making some kind of statement that is personal in delivery to whoever views them. It’s also a way to decorate one’s body as an adornment as well. These permanent designs can range in their design and creativity too. Some tattoos are plain in description while others are more elaborate in detail. One thing they have in common is the personal element that accompanies each of them.

The word tattoo is from the Tahitian word “tatu” which has the meaning of marking something. For instance, any tattoos that were worn around the fingers or on the wrist were said to help keep illness away from one. Down throughout history, symbols are the one thing, which was used to signify membership in a society or specific clan.

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Who Are Some of the Best from the Rest Tattoo Artists in the World?

Now that the subject of tattooing has been discussed a bit at length, we should delve into some of the best tattooists from around the world. They are the unique creators when it comes to the art of tattooing, to be honest. These specialists excel in tattoo design and creativity.

Sailor Jerry Was a Real “Sailor!”

Sailor Jerry, who was known as Norman Keith Collins, was every inch a sailor for real. At age 19, he did enlist in the United States Navy where he learned all about the art and imagery belonging to Southeast Asia. As a child, Collins would hop freight trains across the country, and discovered the hand-pricking method of tattooing from Big Mike who was from Palmer, Alaska. While having a career at tattooing, he also worked as a licensed skipper on a sizable three-masted schooner that he used to give tours of Hawaii with for visitors. Sailor Jerry was known for his tattooing, and his artistry did have a massive influence on the art of modern tattooing.

Kat Von D, Lady Tattoo Artist and More

Kat Von D – her real name is Katherine von Drachenberg – is far more than just an American tattoo artist. She is also a musician, model, author, entrepreneur, and TV personality. She is best known for her work as a tattoo artist on the reality television show called LA Ink on TLC. The show did make its premiere in America on August 7, 2007, and ran for four seasons. Kat Von D is also known for having her own line of cosmetics which appeared on the market in 2008. She got her very first tattoo at 14 and decided to quit school at 16 to become a tattoo artist.

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Scott Campbell, Tattooist Extraordinaire!

Scott Campbell is now a New York-based artist and tattoo artist. Some of his most famous of clients do include no other than Howard Stern, Robert Downey Jr., Sting, Marc Jacobs, Orlando Bloom, and Courtney Love. Campbell started out life in the bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana, and was raised by a conservative Southern Baptist family. As a boy, he wanted to do something different, and this something different prompted him to go to San Francisco in his 20’s. Campbell worked as a copy editor while there. However, soon, he began to tattoo. He journeyed on to Asia and Europe where he did tattooing for cash. Campbell is a visual artist.

Paul Booth, a Dark and Surreal Kind of Tattoo Artist

Paul Booth is far more than just a top of the line tattoo artist. He is also a sculptor, painter, musician, and filmmaker. He employs the use of black and gray ink into his tattoos. The majority of his tattoo work is said to be a bit on the dark and surreal side. He has created many tattoo pieces that have a substantial element of darkness and surrealism about them. Booth has managed to attain a cult following from around the world because of his tattoo works of art. He also has lots of celebs clientele some of which do include a lot of rock bands. Some of these rock bands are no other than Slipknot, Mudvayne, Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, and Soulfly. Booth has had his passion for art since he was a child. He was completely self-taught.

Nikko Hurtado, Colored Portrait Tattoo Artist

Some tattoo artists are different from each other. Nikko Hurtado is different in that he excels in colored portraiture where the creative tattooing process is concerned. Hurtado sets himself apart from other tattooists out there for this very reason. Nikko Hurtado opened up his own tattoo shop in 2010. The name of this shop was Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California. He opened up another tattoo shop in Los Angeles called the Black Anchor in 2017. Hurtado’s fab work has been featured on LA Ink, Ink Master, as well as other instructional DVDs. Hurtado has managed to do tattooing around the globe and has given a multitude of seminars that involve his use of specific color theory and technique.

These are just a sample of the elite group of individual tattooists that do make up the world of number-one tattoo artists. There are more. The five tattoo artists mentioned here are a perfect representation of just what the world of tattooing does offer from a design perspective that is always creative, innovative, and highly personal in every way. Tattoos are an art form that many do genuinely love and appreciate. You can tell this, by the number of tattoos that an individual has, and is very proud of also.

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